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Chance Me Please! CAS Econ ED

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Cornell ED (CAS Econ)

Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male
Income Bracket: 100k-150k
State: Midwest
High School: Very Competitive Public School

Intended Major: Econ
UW GPA: 3.94
W GPA: 4.6
Class Rank: 4/480
ACT: 35C (35E, 34M, 35R, 36S)
PSAT: 1480 (Likely NMSF)
SAT Subject Tests: 800 Chem, 800 Math II
Course Rigor: Extremely difficult schedule with a LOT of AP/IB and a LOT of Dual Enrollment Business/Econ classes at high ranking state school (Will have completed Junior year college finance course work by end of hs)

Extra Curriculars:

Speech and Debate President (HUGE time commitment, ranked very high in the nation)

Model UN President

Business Club Founder + President (I teach a 50+ students at my school abt business concepts)

Paid Behavioral Economics/Finance Research Internship at High Ranking State School

Founder and CEO of my own marketing company (have 3 clients (one major)

Teaching Assistant for AP Econ at my school (Helped Establish Econ Program at School)

Varsity Cross Country Captain (Not recruited)

Job at Food Place (Cashier)

3x TOC Qualifier in Public Forum Debate
2x NCFL Qualifier in Public Forum Debate
1x NSDA Qualifier in Congressional Debate
National Economics Challenge State Champion, Top 5 Nationally
Best Delegate at large MUN Conference/National Merit Semifinalist (Probably)

Rec Letters :
One is Extremely Good (11/10)
The other is pretty good (7/10)

Hopefully pretty good

None lol, would my business/econ coursework count?
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