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Chance me for Cornell AAP

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Ok so I'm planning to apply for Cornell AAP (for fine arts) ED, and wanted to know my chances (,,at least academically; I know it's difficult to determine without knowing how good the portfolio is).

Keep in mind that I go to an international school (v large and pretty well known) in Asia that only offers the IB Diploma :)

My stats are:
SAT: 1540 (ERW 740, Math 800), didn't take subject tests
TOEFL: 116
GPA: 3.9 unweighted (my school doesn't do weighted)
Predicted grades: 42
(My subjects are HL Art, Math, Lang A Lit / SL Physics, Econs, Eng Lang&Lit)

Chair of the school's Design Club
Head of layout for school economics magazine
Yearbook layout
Volunteer work every week at National University Hospital for the mentally disabled
A week long volunteer trip overseas at mental home for children
Fundraising activity for sex trafficking victims every week
Art & Tech club
High school ambassador
Participated in school dance performance twice

Three gold prizes in international art competitions
Certificate (handed out to around 5 people per grade (350 people in our grade)) of academic excellency for: Math, Science, English
Award (for 1 person per grade): Lang A literature (for two years)

Anyways,, this turned out wayy longer than I thought, thank you if u read this far hehe. I believe my portfolio is strong but am scared it might be a lil boring (like none of my pieces carry deep meanings or political statements).
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