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Chance Me Cornell ED??

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I am applying ED to CAS Cornell to major in Economics. I know I don't have the best academic statistics but I think I have above-average EC's. I got international recognition for my non-profit I started in India and I was awarded for it. Furthermore, I am one of the only high schoolers in the state of Texas to play the dhol (classical Indian instrument). I also studied abroad during one of my summers as I was invited to a dhol academy in India. I also founded a company in which my college friends and I would get hired to play the dhol at weddings and other festivals and events. PLEASE BE AS CRITICAL AS POSSIBLE. DO I REALLY HAVE AN ACTUAL SHOT AT GETTING IN?

**P.S: I have an extenuating circumstance that affected my grades during my freshman year. Out of all the B's I had in my high school career, I had 5 by the end of my freshman year and one in my sophomore and oen in my junior. I did so poorly during my freshman year was because my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and my dad travels for work, my mom goes to IT classes after school and my sister was a senior during my freshman year so she college apps to complete, so I had to assume responsibility to take care of my grandfather.. By that, I had to spend a significant time fater school doing puzzles, walking outside, having conversations, and basically keeping him company until my mom came home at around 9:00. I will inform Cornell so they know why I did significantly worse during my freshman year when compared to my other two years.

Race: Asian Indian
Bracket: 160K

High School: Average High School size of 400 students in the graduating class. A top 600 high school in the country. Make with it what you want.

GPA: 3.74/4.00 (UW) 5.0360/6.00 (W)
ACT: C:34 (E:30 M:35 R:36 S:33) (W:9)

BVR Foundation (Founder & CEO) October 2016 - Present

- Founded the non-profit organization in a rural village in India in which I provided food in
bulk to those living in poverty, so they can spend time looking for a job.

- Provided over 25 mass food donations to a total of over 2,000 people

- Received a Letter of Tribute from the local Sarpanch of Buggapadu (Village President).

Dhol Tasha Group (Elected Captain) May 2017 - Present

- Despite being one of the only members of my Dhol Tasha group that is under 18 years
old, I was voted in by the older college students to be their captain.

- Responsibility to lead the team and to make sure they were on task during the practices.

- Led me to found Dhol Baaje as I wanted to spend time with my close friends and make a
source of revenue for my non-profit organization.

Dhol Baaje (Founder & CEO) June 2017 - Present

- Founded a company in which both my friends and I can earn money playing the dhol at
South Asian weddings and festivals.

- With the profit I made individually and the 10% I took in cuts, I donated all of the
proceeds back into BVR Foundation.

- Over a 3-year period, I donated roughly $2500.

Live a Life That Matters Foundation (Elected Head of PR) June 2017 - Present

- Start-up founded by high school students to empower teenagers to discover themselves
with the belief that they can accomplish whatever they wish to pursue.

- Organized events and meetings with board members and supporters to ensure that our
positive message reached the masses.

Had to work with many different people throughout the day to be able to fit events within
everyone’s schedule which would ensure operations executed smoothly.

The Economic Club of Frisco (Co-Founder & President) August 2017 - Present

- Founded an out-of-school club for which students around the Frisco community meet up
weekly to improve their knowledge of economics.

- Formulated predictions on certain countries' economies by reading news stories,
statistics, etc. and then debated on our different views every week.

- We learned one basic concept of macro or microeconomics every week by watching
YouTube videos and explained and discussed the real-world application of the topic.

Philosophy Club (Member) August 2019 - Present

- Engage in philosophical discussion on contemporary issues every week

Mini-Mentor Club (Member) August 2019 - Present

- Help guide underclassman, mostly freshmen, through the intricacies of high schools.

- Provide advice on how to structure schedule, when to take SAT’s, etc.


Swagruha Kitchen (Summer Supply Chain Intern) June 2017 - August 2017

- Shadowed under the owner of the restaurant to learn the logistics of running a restaurant.

- Acquired knowledge around the basics of supply chain economics.

- Took notes on how to run a business and communicate ideas effectively with other

- Learned how to manage the accounts related to the inflow of money into the company
which could allow for the expansion of the business.

Dhol Lessons in India (Study Abroad) June 2018 - August 2018

- With the help of my teacher in Dallas, I was able to gain acceptance to a study abroad
course in India.

- Progressed my knowledge and technique of the dhol from an experienced teacher.
- Competed against other kids, mostly from India, who were also experienced with the

UT Dallas Stock Market Competition June 2019 - August 2019

- National competition offered to students which gave me the opportunity to invest in the
financial market and gain first-hand experience in the investing world.

- Ranked 31st out of 140+ players in summer stock market competition.


Recognition for Humanitarian Impact within the State of Telangana Award

- For taking the initiative to help deal with poverty in the village, the Sarpanch (or Village
President) of Buggapadu sent me a letter in mid-March expressing his gratitude.

- In the letter, he awarded me for my humanitarian impact in the state of Telangana.

Best U18 Summer Dhol Player

- My study abroad teacher has many dhol players, mostly from India, that come to him
throughout the year to learn. Many joined him when I came in the summer of 2018.

- I was awarded the best under 18-year-old dhol player in his summer academy.

- There are relatively no high school dhol competitions in America as dhol playing is rare
outside of India, so I had never competed until I came to India to study with my teacher.

AP Scholar with Honors

- Got a 3.25 on all AP Exams with 3 or higher on at least 4 exams

UT Dallas Certificate of Completion of “BASIC INVESTMENT AND PERSONAL

- Completed the Basic Investment and Personal Finance Knowledge - Level 1 Course
during the UT Dallas Summer Stock Market Competition

UT Dallas Certificate of Completion of “BASIC INVESTMENT AND PERSONAL

- Completed the Basic Investment and Personal Finance Know

Volunteer roughly 168 hours over 4 years. Not the strong point of college apps.
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