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Chance Me for Cornell 2024 RD Human Ecology

PathophysiologyFTWPathophysiologyFTW 51 replies10 threads Junior Member
Hey guys, I just submitted my app to Cornell (extended deadline) and wanted an honest chanceme!

Indian male, middle class, TX. I suppose I am overrepresented.

Major: Human Biology, Health and Society at the College of Human Ecology

Testing: 1580 SAT (800 M/780 RW)

Subject Tests: 800 Math 2, 780 Bio M

GPA: 3.91/4.0 and no weighted GPA or rank provided by high school.

I attend a pretty rigorous high school, super competitive and we already had a few ED Cornell admits (all were either CAS or engineering) and quite a few deferrals.

Coursework: no APs or IB offered by my school, classes are all dual-enrollment honors courses. I entered my current high school during junior year from a traditional public school. I took almost all honors, Pre-AP, and AP in my old school.

AP scores: 5 Bio, 5 World History, 5 Seminar, 4 HGAP (did not submit these to Cornell, I'm not sure how I can add them)

Grade distributions: The only Bs I have received in high school are during my junior year in Calculus 1 & 2 and English, but have never gotten a B in any of my science or health courses, regardless of difficulty. I did bounce back during senior year and got a 4.0 while taking considerably harder courses. Also my standardized testing shows that I have some semblance of competency in math so hopefully that helps.

Senior year 1st sem courses (all College Honors):

Organic Chem with Lab -A

Applied Statistics- A

World Literatures (equivalent of AP Lit)- A

U.S History- A

Physics C: Mechanics with Lab- A

Courses relevant to Human Bio, Health and Society: I've taken Sociology, Human Geography, Health Science, Health, Medical Terminology, three years of Chemistry (including Organic and college gen chem), three years of biology (including AP and College Bio), Anatomy and Physiology, Physics: Mechanics, and four years of math all the way up to Calculus 2 and college Applied Statistics.


International champion for HOSA pathophysiology competition (and qualified for internats for pharmacology the year after placing first at state), NMSF, Invited to present at intl research conference and got a fellowship from a university, winner of a healthcare challenge award, placed 3rd at a research fair competition at Texas A&M.


President of Red Cross, President and founder of Health and Nutrition club, HOSA Competitions director, Bhangra dancer for charities on mental health and STDs, Nationally certified EMT, Undergraduate Research Fellow at UNT (700+ hours of research and co-authorship of publications pending), Hospital and nursing home volunteering all four years, math tutor for elementary school special needs students, and outreach coordinator for city-wide organization dedicated to teaching children abt STEAM careers.

If there is a central theme to my app its medicine because im really passionate about it and I showed it in my essays and ECs and awards. I am particularly interested in improving the quality of life for chronically ill geriatric patients across the world (it's a real problem that was the focus of my supplement and interest in HumanEco). Human Eco unfortunately has very little student orgs and programs in place, so I did my best to talk about research and coursework available in the college.

Essays: Common App was about Rubiks cubes and how they have helped me become a better EMT for my city (its really weird but I worked on it for literally five months so hopefully it was worth it)

Cornell Supplemental for Human Ecology: talked about how american population is aging and how we need better preventive treatment. Tied in my personal ECs and discussed how Cornell's Human Bio major can help me expand on my high school research by working on the CITRA research project at Cornell, and how it can help me achieve my goals of becoming a medical practitioner of preventive healthcare. However, I am really worried that I did not go in-depth into the specifics of the major, I really just mentioned how i can learn about human nutrition, development, and disease progression, as well as anthropology and social sciences which can help me be a better health professional by having more respect for people of different backgrounds. Also mentioned some student clubs within the College of Human eco, but im not rlly sure what else I could have said.

Recommendations: Counselor rec is a joke and fill-in-the-blank

1st rec: Health science teacher who knew how passionate i was abt medicine so hopefully 9 or 10

2nd rec: AP World History teacher who had a good relationship with me so hopefully 8-10.

Supplemental: My research mentor who has known my work ethic and how determined I am to pursue a career in medicine 10/10

Lots of people applying to Cornell from my school, I think maybe 5-10 other strong applicants I have to compete with.

Please give an honest Chance Me, I know Ivies are a huge crapshoot but at the very least what percentile would I be in with regards to applicant competitiveness?
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Replies to: Chance Me for Cornell 2024 RD Human Ecology

  • CandyCornGal10CandyCornGal10 18 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hi, I’m a fellow high school student and, from my perspective, you seem to have a really strong application! I am in no way qualified to chance you, but I think you have a bright future! I especially like how your application clearly points towards your future in the medical field. Maybe we’ll be classmates someday!
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