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Applying ED to Cornell, but trying to decide between ILR and engineering & admissions chance?

BrunerJuBrunerJu 9 replies7 threads Junior Member
SAT I (breakdown): goal Math 800, RW 770
ACT (breakdown):not sending
SAT II: couldn’t take but also not considering for this cycle
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.63 (weighted 4.0)
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): doesn’t ranked
AP (place score in parenthesis): I won’t be sending AP scores which I know will hurt me
I’ve taken
AP Gov
AP US history
AP calc AB
AP World History
AP Physics 1
AP Micro (Self Study)

IB (place score in parenthesis): None
Senior Year Course Load:
AP Comparative government
AP stats
AP Calc BC
AP Macro
AP Physics C
AP Chinese

recognition from NASA
National honor Society member
Performing arts award for theater 10th
Academic All State First Team
Highest Honors with High School
5th place at A-Leagues (it’s a championship swim meet)
State qualifier for Swimming (49th instate for 50 free)
Gonzaga Scholar


Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
Chinese Club: Vice President 11th will be President 12 (recently found out)
Diversity Action Group: head of social media
Theatre 9-12 (I was dance captain as a sophomore the youngest in Regis Jesuit history. Also I received recognition when we achieved main stage my sophomore year.)
Girl up Club: treasure also founding member
Leading the initiative run by GIRL UP✌🏼💕 give her a future. We are raising money to give refugee girls in education. It is one of the charities that are part of mission season. (I am the leader of the initiative)
Swim and dive 10-12, On STATE team and received fifth place in A-Leagues
Track 10-12 (could not participate this year due to corona)
RJ Media: 9-12 (had leadership role in regards to social media)
Special Olympics: haven’t had a leader ship Role Perez helped organize many of the events such as  the shindig.
Speech and debate 9-12
Mock trial 10-12
I peer tutor during lunch

Job/Work Experience: I am the CEO, founder, and editor in chief of Ression magazine a company that I founded, we have international following and international writer including writers from all over the United States

Volunteer/Community service:
I have done tutoring for National honor society
I regularly volunteer at Chelsea Place (I have started a program with teens FaceTiming and interacting with members at Chelsea Place. Many of their families cannot visit them anymore because of coronavirus so they’ve lost a lot of connection in the world.) This is where I did my service project.
I volunteer at Judy’s House
Leading the girl up give her future initiative

Summer Activities: Cornell University Summer College ‘19

Essays (rating 1-10, details):
Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):
Teacher Rec #1: 8/10
Teacher Rec #2: 10/10
Counselor Rec: 9.5/10
Additional Rec: from Cornell Engineering Professor 7/10
Additional rec: from Arts and Science Professor 8/10

Interview: doesn’t interview


Applied for Financial Aid?: idk yet
Intended Major and College: deciding between ILR and engineering
State (if domestic applicant): Colorado
Country (if international applicant):
School Type: All girls private
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Gender: Female
Income Bracket: 250k+
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): URM


Strengths: would be scores, recommendations, and extracurriculars
Weaknesses: GPA

General Comments : my GPA is low because the first semester of my junior year I found out news that my father had stage four cancer which I know will be discussed in my counselor recommendation but I will not be discussing it so I feel like that will somewhat help me.
Also I feel like my GPA is low because I do so many extracurriculars and I think that’s going to hurt me as well.
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Replies to: Applying ED to Cornell, but trying to decide between ILR and engineering & admissions chance?

  • MWolfMWolf 2802 replies14 threads Senior Member
    You really have done a lot, and have many accomplishments, however, as you correctly state, it may have hurt your GPA. as has your father's illness. If your GPA was strong until your father was diagnosed, and it has recovered since, AND your GC addresses it, the effects may not be so bad. Being a URM also is helpful.

    In general, Cornell would be a very high reach for somebody with a GPA of 3.65, but it still may be worth your while, assuming that your GC can make a good case for you. It will still be a high reach, though.

    I don't think that the program to which you apply matters in regards to your chances of admission, however, why engineering? It really doesn't look like that is a direction which interests you. ILR looks like a better choice, IMO.

    What other colleges are you looking at, and at what programs?
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  • happy1happy1 24217 replies2431 threads Super Moderator
    Apply to the program that has what you want to study.
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  • monydadmonydad 8016 replies160 threads Senior Member
    I agree with #2 above.

    I *do* think that the program to which you apply matters in regards to your chances of admission. The various colleges there have different levels of selectivity. And they are each looking for evidence that a particular candidate fits with what their particular college offers.

    So the odds are different by the numbers, and the chances for a particular applicant depend on more than those numbers . Since belonging/fit is very much in the mix.

    Beyond admissions chances, if you are actually accepted and attend, you will have to follow the curriculum offered by the particular college you are accepted to. Which, in the case of these two, are very different.

    I am not sure I have ever met someone who would be equally interested in these two colleges.
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  • havenoideahavenoidea 413 replies17 threads Member
    It sounds like maybe you want to major in engineering but think admission into ILR is easier? You’re hoping to switch majors if you get in? Check out requirements for switching into engineering. ILR is a favorite program of mine, but it’s perhaps the opposite of engineering. In fact, when I sat in an ILR session with S, the AO said they’d rather see stats than calc on a transcript (calc’s a given for engineering).
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  • BrunerJuBrunerJu 9 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Is there any possibility for me to double major in both schools?
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  • havenoideahavenoidea 413 replies17 threads Member
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  • fintech3753fintech3753 79 replies0 threads Junior Member
    I know that @happy1 's advice may seem too simple, but I couldn't agree more. Be authentic and be yourself with these apps: when you are writing Cornell's rather lengthy supplement about why you want to attend, it'll be very hard to justify the one that isn't your true passion for 500+ words. Good luck!
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  • PikachuRocks15PikachuRocks15 68 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Disclaimer: I'm an incoming First-Year at Brown who was rejected from Cornell RD but know two students going to Cornell (one admitted ED this year and another under the transfer option program.)

    A student applying to Vanderbilt this year had a similar question, and as I was admitted to Vanderbilt this year, I'll tell you what I told the student.

    Yes, there are slight admission rate differences for the different schools at Cornell (for Out of State applicants, in-state admission is a completely different story,) however, Cornell as a whole is difficult to get into. Rather than focusing on which school within Cornell will maximize your admissions chances, focus on choosing the major that best fits with the "story" your application is trying to tell: what do your extracurricular activities, letters of recommendations, and essays show you're interested in? After academics (GPA/test scores/courses,) which is how Admissions assesses if you can cope with the coursework at Cornell, it's up to the rest of your application (essays, interview if offered one by a "Cornell Ambassador," letters of recommendation) to demonstrate to Admissions how you will take advantage of the opportunities at Cornell (definitely shown through your essays but also by the activities you've done in high school/how you've taken advantage of your high school's resources,) and show how you'll graduate from Cornell to become an amazing Doctor, Lawyer, Researcher etc: someone that Cornell will be proud to call their alumni in the future.

    I highly recommend applying ED if ALL of the following are true:

    1. You LOVE Cornell and would 110% attend if admitted.

    2. You're extremely confident that you can present a well thought out and crafted application by the early deadline of November 1st.

    3. You and your family can afford Cornell if admitted (run the financial aid calculators if applicable.)

    Hope this helps! Good luck with admissions!
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 8043 replies85 threads Senior Member
    edited August 6
    I am going to go further than @happymomof1 and say:

    do *not* apply to Cornell Engineering unless it is what you really, truly what you want to do, you are feeling *very* confident in yourself about it- and you are prepared to work extremely hard just to get through.

    I am always a big believer in following your true interests, but with a program like engineering at Cornell, it is particularly important.

    Gradschoolkid has been TA'ing there, and we have been comparing notes, as I used to teach in a different engineering program. It is a great program but, wow, the standard and work load are high.
    edited August 6
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