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What schools in the Northeast are like Cornell?

Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
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My Stats:

-3.9 GPA (94.0 cumulative unweighted)
-SAT's - unknown at the moment, taking them in June (what should be my goal for Cornell, and other schools that i listed?)
-Im taking 2 APs now (US Hist/Bio) and 2 SAT IIs in May (US Hist/Bio)
-Taking AP English and AP Physics B next year
-Im in Spanish Honors for 3 years, and Pre-Calc Honors for a year

-President/Founder of Young Democrats chapter at my school
-Chairman of Transp/Mass Comm Committee at NYC Model Congress
-Editor/Sci Advisor of school's Biology Journal (publication)
-Did 100 hrs of hospital volunteer work
-Currently researching epilepsy at a research hospital; going to publish a journal dissertation to be submitted to several competitions like Intel Science and Siemens-Westinghouse
-Conducted a cancer fundraising campaign at school
-Member of Arista and Archon
-Member of Amnesty International

-Nominated on various writing contests- Poetry and Essay Contests Nationally
-Invited to National Student Leadership Conference
-Invited to National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine
-National Honor Roll
-Whos Who Among HS Students

My combined interest in Medicine and Politics have been stated as a unique combo which i can use to my benefit for my college app essay or something of that sort.
Ok, Since my Criteria are basically confined to the Northeast, my old list of 32 schools became around 20. Its a considerable reduction, but this list is much more realistic. Here it is:

1- Cornell
2- NYU
3- U of R
4- Boston U
5- Brandeis
6- Brown
7- Lehigh
8- Colgate
9- Vassar
10- Tufts
11- Georgetown
12- GWU
13- JHU
14- Syracuse
15- SUNY Bing
16- SUNY Buffalo
17- SUNY Stony
18- SUNY Geneseo
19- U Pittsburgh
20- Union College
21- Penn State

Dickinson, Drexel, Amherst, Swarthmore, Williams, Fordham, Columbia, UPenn, UCT, Univ of Sciences in Philly

You may wonder why i eliminated AWS--liberal arts schools...dunt think its right for me, also VERY competitive and small.
Columbia and UPenn because they are too competitive and there are so many great schools on my list that considering my 10-12 skool application limit, it would be a waste to apply to them.

What is your opinion on the list, considering im doing ED Cornell? Good avg, really good extracurriculars, the normal Cornell wannabe.

I will narrow this down to a 10-12 anyway so i need to cut out 8, leaving some reaches, possibles and safeties.

How would you further revise this list?
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Replies to: What schools in the Northeast are like Cornell?

  • JohnnyKJohnnyK 2117 replies39 threads- Senior Member
    Columbia and Penn are competitive, but you don't exactly strike me as unqualified.

    Dare to dream ;-)

    That being said, cross off Penn State. It gives you all of Cornell's weaknesses (with my own personal presumption of rural isolation being a weakness) and few if any of its strengths (with my assumption that being surrounded by brilliant people is a strength ;-)).
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  • corharcolcorharcol 86 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Columbia and Penn are certainly no harder to get into than Cornell if you are applying to Arts and Sciences or Engineering. I would just dump 13-21 on your list if you get 2000 or better (1350 or better on math and verbal) in June. Best wishes!
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    I need safety schools so basically all those SUNY's, Syracuse, Pittsburgh are safeties.
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  • strtrakstrtrak 55 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Colgate is NOT like Cornell at all. Trust me.
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    I heard Colgate has a good pre-med program though, so maybe i should keep it for now. Im trying to narrow this list down, starting with the farthest away from Cornell. But consider also that i cant eliminate SUNY's because they are my safeties, plus Syracuse, etc.
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    But currently, im putting some scrutiny on Penn State, Geneseo, GWU, and Colgate
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    I can only apply to 10-12 schools, so this list MUST be narrowed down. Also, i need it narrowed down from the previous 32, to visit colleges. Im going to visit Cornell within the next few months...probably June/July so i need a shorter list for other schools.

    What schools should i completely eliminate considering my stats..., basically like i eliminated Dickinson, Drexel, etc.
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  • shizzshizz 709 replies14 threads Member
    You should consider what type of setting you would like when narrowing down your choices. For example, the environment at Brandeis or Penn State is VERY different than the one at NYU. It's easier to decide such a thing only after visiting a few schools.

    Also, what kind of research are you doing? When you say "journal dissertation" do you mean peer-reviewed publication or an abstract that you are submitting to science competitions? How involved with it are you and how much did you contribute?
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  • corharcolcorharcol 86 replies4 threads Junior Member
    If your SAT's are okay--as I said 1350 or better on m/v--BU Rochester Brandeis Tufts are all safety schools. If you really have to, use Syracuse. If you are below 1350, then add the SUNY's. I agree that your list is not really composed of similar schools.
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    Well to answer the question of my research, the publication which i will publish, will be peer-reviewed because i work with PhD's who publish their own things...and i collaborate with them. This will ALSO be the same paper submitted to national competitions. People have found possible cures for cancer with Intel Science Competition.
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    Well i live near NYU....i dont really like it. I like the "campus feeling"...you know. Like Cornell for instance.
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    Oh, and im very involved in it, and i contribute a large amount to it. Part of it will be my own work, just under the assistance and advice of a PhD mentor.
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    Plus im also very involved in politics. Im part of the Brooklyn Democratic Leadership Committee..President/Founder of the Young Democrats chapter at my HS. Its like College Democrats which most colleges have, but this is a high school version of it. Im planning to volunteer on a campaign during this summer...for the NYC mayoral race. So i think thats a really good thing for me to do, dont you think?
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  • shizzshizz 709 replies14 threads Member
    If you do get published, that'll be your ticket to the top schools in the country.
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  • FishSFishS 753 replies3 threads Member
    U of R
    Boston U
    SUNY Bing
    SUNY Stony
    Union College

    Personally these are the ones I'd choose based on environment and your interest in pre med. Also, it has the right mix of safety, match, and reach. Of course you should narrow them down based more on "fit" than I just did, maybe visit a couple and decide on a type of school you want. You might consider the fact that schools "known for med" are unusually competitive in the field. Some liberal arts colleges might be better than say, Cornell or Johns Hopkins simply because the grade curves in your classes will be more generous and you will be graduating higher in the class.
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  • Bklyn2CornellBklyn2Cornell 985 replies77 threads Senior Member
    Should i completely eliminate Penn State? Many people here have told me to drop it immediately due to the money factor (thats its a waste for a mediocre education.)
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  • dLodLo 328 replies0 threads Member
    Well, you only need one safety school so pick one of the colleges that you know you'll get in and drop the rest.
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  • quynh2007quynh2007 597 replies5 threads Member
    i wouldn't have just one safety, these days, admissions can be tricky, and you can get rejected even if you seem overwhelming overqualified, and accepted at places you felt you barely had a chance. so, i'd say if you are ambition, about 5 reach, 5 matches, and 2 safeties (this coming from someone who had NO safeties...hehehe, but i knew what i wanted, and wasn't settling for any less)
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  • MomofWildChildMomofWildChild 22904 replies193 threads Senior Member
    Tufts is definitely not a safety school. Their admissions can be very random.
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  • sparticus800sparticus800 4012 replies80 threads Senior Member
    yeah i had a few safties, rutgers, lafayette, lehigh for the most part, and harvard...but I got in ED to cornizzle so all that planning was for naught
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