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PREPARE registration

tensai_jintensai_jin 5 replies2 threads New Member
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I just registered for the PREPARE program...supposed to have some electronic confirmation of the pre-registration but I didn't see any!

Will someone tell me whether it's supposed to be by email or right after clicking the submit on the PREPARE webpage? Cos all I got after clicking submit was a page saying thank you. =(
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Replies to: PREPARE registration

  • jake8717jake8717 28 replies12 threads Junior Member
    well....I guess you just closed the page right after seeing the "Thank you" words...THAT PAGE was the electronic confirmation page. There's a line "This is your electornic receipt notice." after the Thank you sentence..

    The confirmation page doesn't seem to include much info thou. It's literally the confirmation that you've submitted the online pre-registration form.
    If you are unable to get the page, I might be able to send you the scanned image of the confirmation bcuz it doesn't include any of personal information. :)
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  • tensai_jintensai_jin 5 replies2 threads New Member
    Is it? I read through that thank you page but didn't notice the electronic receipt phrase....guess I missed it.

    But if that's the case how would they know I made the payment? Am I supposed to write down my name or something on the money order?
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  • jake8717jake8717 28 replies12 threads Junior Member
    As far as I know, money order contains the name of the sender. They will probably match the name in ur money order and the name in their database of the submitted forms, which means that the electronic receipt would not be regarded as important but just as a confirmation.
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  • tensai_jintensai_jin 5 replies2 threads New Member
    urm...OK i got the confirmation page at last...but a slight problem now.

    Mine is not a money order, but rather it's an international bank draft. So there's no name on it...so is it OK for me to write my name on the bank draft? Will that void it or anything?
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