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chance me please?

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i'm kinda new at this...so please if there's anything else i need to put in here...please tell me thanks!

[ *] State or Country:California
[ *] School Type, Average Stats of School (if available): Troy High School: ranked 3rd in California, extremely competitive public high school
[ *] Ethnicity:Asian
[ *] Gender:Female
[ *] applying for Letters of Science Molecular Biology

[ *] SAT I (by section): 2000 (740 m, 620 w, 660cr) not sure if I should retake it since I might not have time to study for it more over the summer
[ *] SAT IIs: 760 math2c, 750 us history, 730 biology m
[ *] GPA, Weighted and Unweighted: i forgot my freshman year gpa but it'll deffinately raise both of those numbers...4.0 weighted 3.37 unweighted(messed up sophomore year) hopefully my gpa will continue to go up 1st semester of senior year
[ *] Rank: top 20%?
[ *] ACT:N/A
[ *] APs (including this year's): AP Euro (3) AP Compsci A (2) still waiting.. AP Biology, AP Compsci AB, AP US (I’m predicting atleast 3s for all three of them)
[ *] IBs (including this year's: N/A
[ *] Senior Yr Courseload: AP Government/AP Econ Macro, Marching/Symphonic Band, AP Calculus AB, AP Japanese, World/British Lit, AP Physics B
[ *] Number of Apps from Your School: ALOT
[ *] Other stats (Awards, etc.): Director’s Award for Band, 6 consecutive years Superior for Solo and Duet in Junior Festival (piano), Advanced Level (level 10) in MTAC all levels have been honors in playing and theory (piano), CSF, NHS candidate (not sure if I got into it yet),

[ *] ECs:
10 years of Piano
6 years of Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth summer program. (Took all 6 years of science related classes at universities 3 of them have to do with Biology (Intro to Biomed, Genetics, Genomics)).
100+ hours of community service
Tutor kids in instruments (French horn, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, piano)
4 years of Jazz Band
4 years of Key Club
3 years of Marching Band (Assistant Historian, French Horn Section Leader)
2 years of Belief Society (Treasurer)
1 year of Science Days

[ *] Job/Work Experience: internship at Cal State University Fullerton. Assisted in research and laboratory procedures of HSP70 proteins
[ *] Essays (subject and responses): going to be pretty good
[ *] Hook (TASP, RSI, Research, etc.): not really any…
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