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Any reflections to share on 2018-2019 dance year?

mom2adancermom2adancer 228 replies4 postsRegistered User Junior Member
Just curious how everyone's year went - were people happy with their choices? Were there any surprises? Anyone thinking of transferring? We all do so much research when applying and auditioning to schools. I thought it might be nice to have a check-in now that the year is over (or nearly over).

DD had a great first year at Utah (Ballet BFA) and is very happy there. No regrets!
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Replies to: Any reflections to share on 2018-2019 dance year?

  • Twoin18Twoin18 1453 replies16 postsRegistered User Senior Member
    Yes D is also loving it at Utah. Amazing how busy she is staying, taking lots of additional classes and more in the summer too (even though she doesn't need to stay for residency). She really likes the online classes for their flexibility and deliberately picked her double major because there are a lot of online options. It's a lot easier to get As in the academic classes than in ballet, though overall the dance grading is not that harsh. Certainly no need to worry about the scholarship GPA cutoffs.

    The outdoors has been wonderful, with weekend trips to Moab, Bryce, the Great Salt Lake, hiking to hot springs last weekend, and of course plenty of skiing. More to see over the summer, including Capitol Reef, the Tetons and Colorado. I think she underestimated how much she would enjoy that and she's been able to see and do a lot more than she would have done at some of the alternatives (e.g. Oklahoma), aided of course by a lot of students (including her) having a car. I believe even more of her friends are bringing cars back next year. Accommodation is great too (she has a gorgeous apartment next year) and she's cooking for herself a lot more. She also really enjoyed being in a sorority.
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  • shanniebannieshanniebannie 23 replies0 postsRegistered User Junior Member
    My DD attends SUNY-Purchase (BFA) and also had a great first year. She is very happy with her choice. She loves her teachers and the supportive environment. Lots of dancing, which she has loved. Also lots of collaboration with upperclassmen, working with Juniors and Seniors for their choreographic projects, and building friendships, which could ultimately be networking for future dancing opportunities. She likes that every dancer is seen as an individual and no one is forced to conform to one dance style. She has enjoyed life on Purchase's campus and although she spends a lot of time in the Dance building, she is able to hang out with non-dancing friends. DD has been able to take advantage of the proximity to New York City. She comes into the city to see performances, to take classes, and to visit friends at NYU, Juilliard, and Fordham. The Purchase Dance Company will be performing at New York Live Arts, a dance venue open to the public, later this month, and she will performing with them, so she is thrilled. Definitely the right choice for her!
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