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Goucher Dance

milgymfammilgymfam 1556 replies28 threads Senior Member
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In my continuing effort to highlight some lesser known schools for dance majors, for those who maybe can’t target the top tiers, I thought I would recount my D’s visit today to Goucher.

She was accepted last month and skipped the dance scholarship day for a ballet company commitment, but the admissions and dance department were happy to set up an individual visit. She chose to take a ballet technique class, a modern technique class, and a tour.

First, everyone she interacted with today was welcoming and kind, from the students to the teachers to the admissions staff. Even the dining center staff went above and beyond- my husband forgot his wallet in the car and they simply let him eat for free (my daughter had a voucher).

She didn’t *love* the ballet class. Part of this is because she’s not happy with anything less than strict vaganova training (but really isn’t likely to end up with that), and part was because the studio didn’t seem to have sprung floors, and they hurt her toes. She did enjoy the modern class, which was in a different (newer and nicer) studio. Research after she left revealed that some ballet classes (and all pointe classes) are in the better studio. There are three studios. All courses and performance opportunities are open to majors and non-majors alike. She likes that in addition to ballet and modern there are multiple levels of pointe/jazz/hip hop/African dance, as well as variations/repertoire and choreography classes. There is a PT for the dancers on campus weekly.

She loved (LOVED) the tour and campus itself. She said the library was so incredibly gorgeous, as was the performance space. The dining center had the best college food she’s had, and she felt safe eating there. Very important to her as she has celiac and some schools can barely feed her at all. She felt she would never want for food there. She previously loathed the idea of a traditional dorm, but liked theirs so much she’s perfectly happy with a roommate, and she was excited that the dorm kitchens were bigger and nicer than our kitchen at home (ha).

They set her up on a private tour with a previous dance major (he left the major after a serious injury freshman year) and he was prepped with info on the programs she is interested in, including her double major of interest.

All in all it’s a great choice for someone looking for dance in a liberal arts environment. No, it’s not a conservatory, but there is ample opportunity to train and perform for someone like my daughter. Her sweet spot is in the 15-20 hours of dancing per week range. The only reason my daughter hasn’t committed already is she has one more school left to visit, and she has seen one school that trains vaganova (though it lacks in other areas), and that’s given her a bit of pause.

Hope this helps someone else! It’s one of two non-audition programs that we felt went above and beyond and were great options.
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Replies to: Goucher Dance

  • dancer2345dancer2345 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Is Goucher a big campus or a small campus?
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  • milgymfammilgymfam 1556 replies28 threads Senior Member
    It’s a fairly small campus. My daughter’s was able to walk the whole thing easily in a short amount of time. It is also a very traditional campus, not bleeding into the surrounding area at all.
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  • compmomcompmom 11759 replies81 threads Senior Member
    I always feel sad reading about Goucher. My kid danced for a year professionally and was excited to get into Goucher. We drove all the way down from MA for a visit. Noone said hi or seemed to know she had been admitted. She visited classes and was asked where she was applying, when she had already gotten in. She also got a lecture on the importance of college. That's why she had driven 10 hours to visit!

    I don't know what happened but it turned her off completely. It would have been the perfect school for her.
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  • LindagafLindagaf 10827 replies588 threads Super Moderator
    I know nothing about dance, but I second the friendly people, the incredible, beautiful, modern library (one of the best I’ve seen), and the good food.

    D’s friend just graduated from Goucher and had a good experience.
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  • milgymfammilgymfam 1556 replies28 threads Senior Member
    edited June 30
    @compmom that experience would put anyone off, for sure. It is so completely the opposite of how my daughter felt that it seems like a different school. She actually chose Goucher in the end. She wanted to dance in London (U of Roehampton), and she loved the ballet programs at two other schools more (Radford and U Wyoming), but in the end Goucher’s welcoming feel is what drew her in. And that library of course!
    edited June 30
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