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Tell me about your Dartmouth Interview

stellyystellyy 5 replies3 threads New Member
edited November 2013 in Dartmouth College
So I just had my Dartmouth Alumni Interview today. And I think it went okay. I don't really know though. It was the first time I had been interviewed for anything (never had a job interview or any other college interview before). I literally got a call yesterday asking me if I was available at 9:00am for an interview this morning, so I didn't have a lot of time to prepare and I never had a practice interview. I obviously wasn't going to say no to the interview because I think it would look bad on my application if I denied an interview (also the interviewer even told me that because I went to the interview, it shows I took initiative and that I really want to come to the school). I was kind of hoping I wouldn't be called for an interview though haha, oh well.

Anyway, I want to hear about your guys' interviews. How'd they go? Where'd you have them (mine was Panera, which was neat since I haven't gone there in a while and I got a bagel and coffee afterward)? Do you think it helped or hurt your application?
edited November 2013
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Replies to: Tell me about your Dartmouth Interview

  • codenamepersiacodenamepersia 10 replies2 threads New Member
    Haha I know right. I received the interview notification only a day in advance as well. Pretty unnerving, that's what it was, because I freeze up too often during important things!

    My interviewer was a '09 and as it turned out, she went to the same high school as mine, so to some extent we clicked well. She was real nice and for the most part the chatting was smooth. I blew one or two answers, but in retrospect it wasn't anything too terrible, and I think I got it across that I really really want to go to Dartmouth. So maybe in context of the whole application the interview would be a slight nudge.

    And another thing: I stumbled upon a list of sample questions for D alumni interviews on the Dartmouth website. The next day my interviewer used the exact same questions. Oh well :) wish I paid more attention to that list. Did you also get the "What do you expect me to ask you?" one?
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  • stellyystellyy 5 replies3 threads New Member
    I definitely blew a couple of questions. But if the website tells the truth when it says that they don't put a lot of weight on the interview, then I think I did fine. My interviewer was an '02. And no I never got the "what do you expect me to ask you" question. I don't think I got any curveball questions as they all seemed pretty normal and standard interview questions that I thought she'd ask (which I'm thankful for because I looked up standard interview questions and thought up for some good answers for some of them).
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