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Dartmouth Thoughts?

thahgsa5thahgsa5 4 replies4 threads New Member
I know there's a post on this from 2009, but I want some updated responses... so

For anyone who goes or went to Dartmouth / knows someone who went / etc.
Why do you love / like / dislike / hate Dartmouth? (or what aspects of it?)
General thoughts?

Thanks in advance :)
4 replies
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Replies to: Dartmouth Thoughts?

  • zobrowardzobroward 3741 replies193 threads Senior Member
    let me ask you this...
    is your main interest in dartmouth the fact it is an ivy? and perhaps you think if you hedge your bets with early admissions you are more likely to get in than at harvard yale princeton?
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  • siliconvalleymomsiliconvalleymom 4377 replies84 threads Senior Member
    You might find it more useful to read Dartmouth student blogs or the Dartmouth student newspapers online. I know kids at Dartmouth who are very happy, and kids who are miserable, so you will want a wide variety of perspectives before you rely on answers to such general questions.
    Have you had a chance to visit?
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  • thahgsa5thahgsa5 4 replies4 threads New Member
    @zobroward haha No, that is definitely not my main interest. Dartmouth has the best programs that fit what I want to do, and I have other reasons which I will not list here. I'm not one of those people who apply to every single ivy league, clinging to hopes to get into a well-titled school. Also, Cornell has a much larger acceptance rate, and if I were looking to simply get into an ivy, I'd be applying to Cornell ED, which is obviously not the case thank you.

    @siliconvalleymom Thank you for the advice. I will take a look at them.
    No, I haven't gotten a chance to visit yet...
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