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Can I change my fate with credit recovery?

ChersanthymumChersanthymum 0 replies1 threads New Member
Basically, I messed. Freshmen year I got a B in English because my teacher had a weighted scale for an unweighted class. Either way, I realized too late that a 92 wasn't an A. Sophomore year, I got a B in math. But junior year, I screwed up. I got a B in IB math first semester, and didn't know credit recovery existed. So I wanted to remedy it by taking an online class amongst my 8 other weighted courses. But I got really ill, causing me to miss school for four days. Since that occurred, I got 3 b's and 1C, because I couldn't keep up with the work I had. Now, I plan to retake these classes in the beginning of the year, because the school will have a unique schedule implemented that will allow me to retake these classes online along with my normal course load. Will Dartmouth look badly at me if I take 14 classes in one semester?
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Replies to: Can I change my fate with credit recovery?

  • T26E4T26E4 23243 replies1031 threads Senior Member
    " got 3 b's and 1C, because I couldn't keep up with the work "

    You need to stop worrying about what Dartmouth thinks and simply bear down on your GPA. This 14 classes seems like a monstrous over-reach due to your prior history. Speak w/your GC about what it takes to get you GPA back on track.

    The earth won't split open because 6-7 years from now, your diploma won't have come from Dartmouth.
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