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Is Dartmouth a good fit for me?

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Hi all, I am an upcoming senior and really love the idea of being in a small town and in New England. I love to ski and love to do water activities like canoeing and kayaking, so the DOC sounds very cool. I wouldn't consider myself super outdoorsy but I do like to participate in activities outside. I love all the traditions Dartmouth has and I just love the idea of the small community and the setting. I want to join a frat and I love going out/partying, I'm pretty athletic but will not be playing on a varsity team(maybe club), and I am politically moderate(somewhat conservative), and a white straight Christian male. I want to go into something business but not sure what yet, and I know Dartmouth is great for the finance industry. It would be a reach for me, but does it sound like a good fit for me socially? Would most people who are athletic be recruited athletes? Thanks
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