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Is Dartmouth a good fit for me?

orioles99orioles99 0 replies1 threads New Member
Hi all, I am an upcoming senior and really love the idea of being in a small town and in New England. I love to ski and love to do water activities like canoeing and kayaking, so the DOC sounds very cool. I wouldn't consider myself super outdoorsy but I do like to participate in activities outside. I love all the traditions Dartmouth has and I just love the idea of the small community and the setting. I want to join a frat and I love going out/partying, I'm pretty athletic but will not be playing on a varsity team(maybe club), and I am politically moderate(somewhat conservative), and a white straight Christian male. I want to go into something business but not sure what yet, and I know Dartmouth is great for the finance industry. It would be a reach for me, but does it sound like a good fit for me socially? Would most people who are athletic be recruited athletes? Thanks
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Replies to: Is Dartmouth a good fit for me?

  • tchit87tchit87 144 replies21 threads Junior Member
    Honestly, from what I have researched about Dartmouth, you seem like a perfect fit. I am almost the opposite of you, I don't ever want to join or frat or go to parties, Indian male, I don't like outdoor activities or athletics, and I don't care about tradition. I do care about diversity and campus though. Dartmouth has about 60% or more of its students in a frat or sorority, meaning its party life is probably pretty lit. They actually randomly put you in a House now as a freshman for some reason. There's a river next to Dartmouth, so you might be able to do water activities there. And I have also heard that Dartmouth is known for getting people into finance and business..... which is why I am really considering it because I want to go into finance. I think Dartmouth would be a good fit, but it still has ivy league academic rigor (I think) with the community for partying. However, diversity and hardworking students is still high at a place like Dartmouth. The three people in my school who are going to Dartmouth next year are very down-to-earth, hardworking people (all asian too).
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