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Deep Springs 2017 entry


Replies to: Deep Springs 2017 entry

  • jesumedjesumed Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    I think you are correct about the Facebook issue, but I basically asked because I realized on forums of past years that they discussed about Facebook forums. Also, I don't know exactly how serious Deep Springs takes the Facebook rule, considering that the school herself has an official Facebook account regularly managed by her students. And in most of their Facebook posts, they tag their very students who go on to like the posts. Doesn't this indicate that they actually use Facebook during school sessions, at least to some extent?

    Anyway, let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. I actually don't expect to get in considering that my essays are very poor, and when I compare the level of intellectualism of potential students on past forums here with mine, I feel utterly unworthy of Deep Springs.

    That said, why is no one interested in talking about their essays, especially the Savio/Rosseau part? Past forums here actually reveal that potential students shared intellectual discourses on their essays.

    Whatever if case, if anyone gets a call/message from Deep Springs concerning round two, please do keep us posted.
  • jesumedjesumed Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    My first paragraph in the above post is directed to @RUHTRA999
  • LigerManLigerMan Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    I believe in the past, there have been issues (more with the Telluride program) with people forming negative opinions about others online before meeting them in person. Regardless, there's an appeal to the anonymity.

    I'd love to discuss the essays, but in a private message. If I share what I did on here, I believe it would be easy to match with my real world self... while I doubt the students even have time to go on forums, not sure if I want that.
  • Joey168Joey168 Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    Hey guys, I have applied and yet to hear anything as well fingers crossed, happy to join the group!
    I have wanted to apply for years and finally did this year. Below I have vague descriptions of what I wrote about. If someone wants to discuss the essays in private shoot me a message.

    Essay Topics ::

    1: The basics of my upbringing, and my symbiotic relationship between art and community. Concluding with what I think it means to be a human being.

    2: S//R I wrote about how the hybridity of the quotes illustrates an ideal political system and citizen. Topics included: an expansive political entity that works to support the people, hope as the inspiration for political growth by inherently fighting corruption and attitudes of IDGF, and how self-governance is the only way to live in nonideal political structure as a means to a better future.

    3: About how Deep Springs is more than a prestigious education/ valuable working experience that could be offered at really any school with a work study program; a way of life that provides an exciting school of thought that transcends academia.

    As excited as I am about possibly going to DSC. I have largely accepted that getting in is a lottery that even a top student would be anxious about. Praise the gods I'll make the second cut. I'll be attending community college if I don't get in; most likely applying again along with other schools like RISD, or anywhere really with open source curriculum and a strong art program.

    I'm interested in the tight-knit community at DSC that facilitates independent thought while maintaining a strong connection to your fellow man. Something that I think is lacking in the competitive world of capitalism and academia.

    What attracted everyone else?? Does anyone have info on what the second round essays are like?
  • LigerManLigerMan Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Here are essay prompts from two different years-- these are directly copied from the forums:

    1. two teacher recs
    2. transcripts and test scores
    3. term paper or essay for a class with teacher comments attached
    4. optional creative work that you'd like the admissions com to consider
    5. each essay may not exceed 1500 words
    A. choose a virtue that is popularly misunderstood. Explain the popular understanding. Offer and support a better understanding.
    B. Describe a problem in your high school or community. Propose plausible and concrete steps to address it.
    C. What is the purpose of a college education both for the student and for society? What is YOUR purpose in pursuing a college education? You may use the following excerpt as an example or as a platform for agreeing or disagreeing.
    D. What does it mean to be employed in the service of your fellow men? How can a blacksmith be so employed? An 1924 excerpt of L. L. Nunn is included.

    1. Two teacher recommendations.
    2. Updated transcripts and official standardized test score reports.
    3. A term paper or essay that you submitted for a class, with teacher comments
    attached. Please find something under seven pages.
    4. Any creative work of your own that would allow the committee to get a better idea
    of who you are—in past years, applicants have submitted visual artwork, music CD’s,
    writing samples, baked goods, and more. This is completely optional. Think carefully
    before submitting supplementary material, as there are cases in which mediocre
    submissions can work against a candidate. Many successful applicants submit only
    the items that we require.
    5. Thoughtful and concise responses to each of the following prompts. The total word
    count of your three essays combined should not exceed 2500 words. We ask that
    you respect this limit and let it guide you towards economy of expression.

    A. Choose a virtue that is popularly misunderstood, describe this misunderstanding, and
    argue on behalf of a better conception.
    B. Respond to one of the following quotations, with particular attention to the notion
    of service. Please consider only the text we have given you, without regard for
    context—except in the case of #4, which refers to Genesis 22 in the Old Testament.
    We’re less concerned with your conclusion than with your ability to take a stance and
    thoughtfully defend your argument.

    1. "Peace and even death are dearer to man than free choice in the knowledge of good and evil… There is nothing more seductive for man than the freedom of his
    conscience, but there is nothing more tormenting either."
    2. "Anyone who involves himself with mankind and does not occasionally glisten in
    all the colors of distress, green and gray with disgust, satiety, sympathy,
    gloominess, and loneliness, is certainly not a man of elevated tastes; supposing,
    however, that he does not take all this burden and disgust upon himself
    voluntarily, that he persistently avoids it, and remains, as I said, quietly and
    proudly hidden in his citadel, one thing is certain: he was not made, he was not
    predestined for knowledge."
    3. "Do you suppose, then, that I would have survived so many years if I had been
    publicly active and had acted in a manner worthy of a good man, coming to the
    aid of the just things, and, as one ought, regarding this as most important? Far
    from it, nor would any other human being.”
    4. “Should we not reinterpret the entire story and say that actually Abraham failed
    the test, that an amazed and horrified God mercifully stopped him from carrying
    out the despicable act and then punished Abraham and all his descendants by
    laying on them the curse of Abraham’s faith, under the yoke of which we have
    been sacrificing our parents, children, brothers, sisters, and comrades to the
    State, the Party, the True Religion, and other Higher Causes ever since?”
    5. “The ultimate purpose of every intelligent free moral agent is either loyalty to
    moral government under which he was born or rebellion against that
    government by supreme devotion to his own self-interests.”

    C. Examine an academic or creative discipline about which you are passionate. How
    does it offer insight into the condition of man and the world?
  • Joey168Joey168 Registered User Posts: 8 New Member
    edited December 2016
    Thanks man!
  • jesumedjesumed Registered User Posts: 7 New Member
    Thank you, @LigerMan. The essay prompts confirm how difficult it would be to get into DSC. I don't even have any creative work in the line of their requirements. Am I the only one in this situation?

    How were you guys able to confine your essays within the required word limit? The essay asking us to tell why we would like to attend Deep Springs was required not to be above 300 words. That was too small for me to express myself fully on why I'm interested in the school. Is there anyone here who wrote above the word limit?

    And yes, if you're interested in discussing the essays, you may send me a message too.

    I think, in the next seven days, we all must have known our fates.
  • LigerManLigerMan Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    I have a few things I could submit, as far as the creative requirements go...

    As far as the word limits: yeah, it was really difficult to stay within the parameters. I doubled the limits on a couple of them, forcing me to do A LOT of editing. I focused on one element (of the many) that appealed to me and developed that.

    I hope we get decisions soon-- not knowing is nerve-racking! Will consider EDII if I don't make second round...
  • LigerManLigerMan Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Decisions should come in the next few days. If anyone gets in, let the rest of us know! Ill be sure to do the same if Im so lucky
  • LigerManLigerMan Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    I got accepted into the second round...
  • parsocparsoc Registered User Posts: 47 Junior Member
    Congrats! Email or phone call?
  • LigerManLigerMan Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    I got it by email.
  • HizeusHizeus Registered User Posts: 187 Junior Member
    I also got an email at around 5:50 today and I didn't get into the second round. That was disappointing but I never thought that I would actually get accepted. I've had my mind set on Bennington and Reed as the alternatives.
  • HizeusHizeus Registered User Posts: 187 Junior Member
    @LigerMan Could you privately send me any of the essays you created for the application? I think you offered to do that in one of your past comments. I'm interested in seeing what kind of essays deep springs views as high quality. I completely understand If you don't want to but I'm incredibly curious.
  • LigerManLigerMan Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Of course! I just sent you a message...
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