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Funding for study abroad?

PartyoffourPartyoffour Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
edited May 2012 in Denison University
D1's college finalist list (still at 3) includes Denison. We have included them in our quest for more help in bridging the gap between merit aid and sticker price -- many thanks to posters in another college thread who guided us in making reasonable requests.

Now we wonder how to handle study abroad costs. Does anyone know if Denison has scholarships available for Denison students who want to study abroad for a semester? If what I have read so far is still accurate, one cannot use merit aid to pay for study abroad programs.

Many thanks in advance for insight and tips! We don't have many days left ... .
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Replies to: Funding for study abroad?

  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Super Moderator Posts: 34,338 Super Moderator
    You are correct that merit aid doesn't travel. There is a stipend available for the Paschal scholarship that can be used but it's limited to $3K. http://www.denison.edu/admissions/carter.pdf
  • PartyoffourPartyoffour Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    Thanks -- but D1 is not a NM finalist. Is there anything else -- offered by departments, or by Denison alumni? The school has a very detailed International Business curriculum, in which it would seem natural to spend a semester studying abroad.
  • ZetesisZetesis Registered User Posts: 1,855 Senior Member
    I think financial aid travels. You can call and talk to the director of the study abroad programs; I did when D was applying. In the end, she didn't study abroad because of her major (he told us it would be hardest one to try to weave in study abroad). But I was always somewhat disappointed in DU's policy. I gather it's because they connect students to other organizations and programs (DU doesn't have its "own" study abroad programs).
  • woody35woody35 Registered User Posts: 936 Member
    Denison only lets students use their need-based aid for one semester of studying abroad. If a student doesn't have need-based aid or wants to go for a 1-year program abroad, they may need to apply to "outside" study abroad scholarship programs such as the Boren and the Gilman scholarships.
  • PartyoffourPartyoffour Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    So is the answer here that since we don't qualify for FA, D1's merit aid will not cover a semester studying abroad, and that there are few opportunities for scholarships for such students?

    Again, seems odd for a university with a good International Studies program. (NOT International Business, as I wrote earlier -- though one can certainly concentrate in business or economics in that program).

    OK. Can anyone point us to outside schoalrships other than the Boren and Gilman ones (and thanks for pointing those out)?

    Zetesis -- thanks. D1 will call the study abroad office herself and ask. We wanted to arm her with enough background information first.

    Now that I look back at her two other schools, this issue is similarly muddy. Allegheny College did guarantee that merit scholarships stay with the student regardless of GPA because they want students to explore classes and majors without fear of losing funding. But I guess we need to ask the study abroad question again.
  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - Posts: 4,093 Senior Member
    You've got it.

    And I'd debate that it makes total sense to NOT fund study abroad, as all FA comes from several sources, none of which is intended to send dollars overseas ... DU tuition, public grants, philanthropy. Absent the virtually absent donor-directed gifts to be awarded to students traveling abroad, it should be a moot point. Any and all DU funds that would be dedicated toward students desiring to take those dollars off-campus would be dollars NOT seen by DU and therefore would have to be subsidized by all the others.

    Travel abroad is a wonderful experience. Imo, it's classic nanny/entitlement mindset to think that DU should fund students studying elsewhere. One need never have taken an econ ... or international studies course ... to figure out that would be simply nuts. :eek:

    Amazing though how this notion that someones else should pay for our children's educational sojourning. Socialism creeps in and we don't even recognize it.:confused:

    Hail to DU and every other college/university that refuses to spend other peoples money to subsidize other institutions.
  • PartyoffourPartyoffour Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    I know you post a great deal, Whistle Pig, and I think I've read that you have expressed this sentiment elsewhere on CC. But I was seeking more practical information specific to Denison.

    Some colleges do provide merit aid for study abroad. I'm sure each college's formula for doing so is different, but I doubt they're shorting themselves in the process. Centre College is one such institution.

    Does anyone have any additional information regarding Denison and studying abroad?
  • ZetesisZetesis Registered User Posts: 1,855 Senior Member
    partyoffour -- I'll just say that many of my D's friends are studying abroad this term. They are in Rome (classics major), Bath (history), Ireland (philosophy), and Costa Rica (biology) (those are the ones I remember).
  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - Posts: 4,093 Senior Member
    Partyoffour, I'm flattered knowing that you've read my tripe on this not once, but twice. You're a glutton for punishment, I suspect. Your recall is impressive, far more so than my response to your question.

    However, I've 2 thoughts about your response.

    1. I've some familiarity with Centre's study abroad programs and the sole reason they provide funding is that they are all Centre College programs, led and directed by Centre profs (who of course, must be paid, by Centre College, and more specifically, mostly from the tuition, charitable, and grant monies generated back in ol' Danville. (A fine school, neat place, btw, just a bit too tiny imo.) And it's the same gig for their January term mini-courses. So comparing those to genuine study-abroad programs at foreign U's. is comparing apples and oranges. And more specifically to your question of portability of FA, none of the $$ is leaving Centre College coffers.

    2. And thus your point of " ... but I doubt they're shorting themselves in the process. Centre College is one such institution." is essentially moot. The law of higher education economics remains. They are solely in the "cash collection" business, not in the doling out business. Even awarded FA is only money being re-circulated, i.e. giving it to you with the right hand and taking it right back with the left. Think about it. The rare exceptions are a Penn State payout to molested young boys and their families. Hush money, essentially.

    There are some variations on this theme, with institutions often determining portability on the Centre notion that the institution providing the FA is also the "sponsor" or the program, in which case the FA often goes with the student because like Centre (and others ... Seattle, Tulsa, etc. ... the money stays in the same pool.

    Some state and federal aid, which of course would not come to the home institution anyway if the student goes abroad, can often be applied. Check with your state and fed grant conditions. Often these are connoted as "approved" programs by the home college or U.

    Some schools like Evansville have their own over seas campuses. Evansville's is somewhere in England. And of course, that again keeps the money at home.

    Some schools also have "exchange" programs, i.e. programs where with designated institutions abroad, if they can ID a student to come to the USA campus ... then essentially it becomes a wash and each institution simply keeps their own tuition.

    Now, I do not doubt there may be some institutions willing to fund students' study abroad programs, but before I'm a believer, you'll have to "show me." And I'm not even from Missouri.

    But lastly ... please ... even if you do find one, any, some ... don't suggest that doing so doesn't "short" the institution. Where do you think money comes from? Obama's "stash?" Be like you deciding you're gonna buy your neighbors groceries simply because your child's eating at their house. And doing so ... wouldn't "short" your own cash flow. Entitlement mind-set runs rampant, it seems.

    Good luck in your search. Sometimes a blind pig finds an acorn. I've found a few. But I think your barking up an empty tree, thinking you're going to find a Denison or other college that will pay for your student to study elsewhere, be it domestic or overseas. And of course ... per your message ... you only have to do your homework on 3 campuses. Let us know what you find or don't.
  • Ruddy DuckRuddy Duck Registered User Posts: 16 New Member
    One of many schools (from Macalester Website)

    What happens to my merit-based scholarship?
    If you have a merit-based scholarship from Macalester, it will be available for off-campus study.

    As long as program doesnt cost more than what it would have cost to go to Macalester. In addition they offered other small scholarship to help pay with travel. Worked great for daughter who attended University of Edinburgh. I frankly thought this is what all top liberal arts colleges did other wise it really meant study abroad was not an option for many. My sense was it really does contribute to a broad liberal arts education as long as the programs are academically rigourous and count toward graduation requirements.

    As a side note I see that Denison has 6% international students which isnt bad for a liberal arts college. Wonder how many of those are paying money that comes from outside the US.
  • PartyoffourPartyoffour Registered User Posts: 71 Junior Member
    Ruddy Duck, and Zetesis, I agree -- and think that LACs who want to be considered among the top small-college destinations will have to rethink their study-abroad process.

    And, I have been considering that college acceptances are now becoming quite the capitalist venture, WhistlePig. It is now common to engage similar colleges in merit-aid bidding wars for a desired student.
  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - Posts: 4,093 Senior Member
    Wallowing in wishful thinking, I suspect, with not a clue of forthcoming financial realities of every college and university. Those LAC 1's'll be flocking to mimimick Denison's move rather than doling out dollars for over-seas travelogues for students, simply because it might be edifying and educational. Dreaming, I suspect.

    The rule of thumb promises to be "less, not more." when it comes to higher ed entitlements. Especially when there is not only no contribution to the U's bottom line, but in fact substracts from it. The salad days of such giveaways are coming to an end as endowments shrink and there is increasing heat and light placed on the issues of student debt, institutional raises annuall of 7% for decades, and total lack of accountability. There is a reason that over the last 40 falls, 85% of college students are forced to study at the massified publix vs. less than half doing so in 1970. We can all pick our own horse in the race, but only a few win, place, show. And usually the odds point to the winner. I'm betting that more will follow DU's lead than the inverse.
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