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Scholarsip chances

grinfixergrinfixer Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
edited March 2010 in Denison University
My son's stats: 33 ACT, 640CR, 740M, 800W, 2/476, class president, working 20 hours weekly since age 15, all expected but not outstanding ECs, lots of APs, likeable kid. I do well, so there will likely be no need based aid. What are his chances for any merit money at Denison? How does the process work and what is the tieline?
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Replies to: Scholarsip chances

  • SCHSCH Registered User Posts: 23 New Member
    He has a good chance. I think the merit aid deadline is January 15. Better have him get busy.
  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - Posts: 4,093 Senior Member
    Generally, he sounds like exactly the profile of student DU seems to like to attract (and reward). A very bright, motivated, prepared student who could and will contribute to the campus community on the hill. You don't lend any insight to his potential diversity (the buzz word) factor(s) ...does he play the fiddle and the harpsicord, does he sing in an accapella choir, ethnicity or race, geography (you're chances are enhanced if you're from Tupelo rather than Toledo ...unless it's Toledo, Spain.), does he ride bulls in his spare time from working at Pep Boys, is he one of 19 children, does he build underwear bombs or at least know how, etc. You get the point.

    Has he interviewed/visited DU? Is there anything compelling about his gifts or his intellectual desires that might make him a particularly positive addition to the student body? Has he shown any unique, genuine interest? What's the likelihood that he'll get into other highly selective places?

    DU seems to have a very aggressive, somewhat specific strategy for using its FA to build the student body it desires. While I can't assess the U's success in achieving this, it definitely has impact in bringing them in from all corners ...and keeping them from wondering off.

    I could be all wet on this, but my impression is that DU's applied strategy w/ FA, especially merit aid, goes beyond mere SAT scores, ranking, AP courses and scores, etc. And what seems to drive this is the counter-balancing reality that all must live on campus all 4 years, unless they study off campus and/or offshore.

    Short answer: Your lad's chances for being awarded DU merit FA would seem quite reasonable. As I've noted elsewhere, DU has been the lone LAC #1 tier school in the top 10 awarding the most merit to the most students. And having muddled w/ a whole bunch of top tier places, our very positive experience has reflected that. From posts on CC, it seems ours is anythng but an isolated experience. Good luck.
  • grinfixergrinfixer Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    Whistle Pig,

    Thanks so much for the insight. A few thoughts...

    First, he has no ethnic advantage. We live in Texas which may be a plus. He is the oldest of four and wrote a pretty good essay about his close connection to his three foot tall, four year-old brother.

    We have visited and he has interviewed at DU. He has also visited and applied to Richmond, W&L, Wooster, and Wofford. As you may likely know, all of these are bastions of merit aid.

    He is a swimmer, but there is (believe it or not) no available indoor pool time within an hour of us. Consequently, his training and very limited coach exposure amounts to about five weeks yearly. He would certainly walk on at Wooster, but Denison's swimming program is far more competitive.

    What else can he do to show interest other than interview, visit, and apply? He surely doesn't want to be harassing or appear desperate.

    He's a really good kid that carries himself well. He's refreshingly humble. He's an excellent organizer and manager. He never needs a reminder...about anything. He's really is a good one. His weaknesses: not ethnic, not poor, not the first to go to college.

    Any more thoughts?
  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Super Moderator Posts: 34,477 Super Moderator
    I think if he has interviewed and visited then the U will get the picture. He sounds like exactly the type of student they try to bring in, lack of URM status not withstanding.
  • grinfixergrinfixer Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    What is URM?
  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Super Moderator Posts: 34,477 Super Moderator
    Under Represented Minority (usually black). That compares to ORM (Over Represented Minority such as Asian).
  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - Posts: 4,093 Senior Member
    grinfixer, check your PM.
  • spktruthspktruth Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    Grinfixer: In all liklihood Denison will, at a minimum, offer him a half tuition merit aid scholarship.
  • ps13ps13 Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    Wow, it sounds like my D has same interest in schools. Her top 3 choices would be Denison, University of Richmond, and Wooster (in no particular order). Which of the 3 stood out to you the most? We just got our first acceptance at Wooster with Dean's Award (still in consideration for other scholarships). Richmond just asked us as parents to write an essay last weekend. Loved the concept. I wrote in no time flat and hope that helps. Even though Richmond is most expensive, it has the lowest indebtedness at graduation. It would be my top pick but is kind of far from home. Denison is a beautiful campus and would be my second choice, but my D did not do interview when visited. I don't know if that will hurt her chances for acceptance/scholarships. Wooster has an unremarkable Independent Study program, and my D was very excited and stood out to her the most, and I also loved the school.
  • wildwoodscottwildwoodscott Registered User Posts: 68 Junior Member
    Did your son apply for the Johnson Scholarship at Washington and Lee? His stats put him in the mix for that competition, and they have quite a number of Texans at the school. The men's swim team is very good, but not quite as good as Denison's year in and year out. As such, your son might be a good fit there, especially if he's a distance swimmer (W&L is famous for their fast sprinters).
  • EsquetteEsquette Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    Denison and W&L have lots in common, incl the very generous aid awarded at both schools. We currently have sons with merit aid at both schools, incl. a Johnson scholar whose best friend is at Richmond.

    Both our sons have had amazing experiences and completely love their schools, pursuing experiences they thought they wanted to have when they applied but even more importantly having experiences they did not anticipate, both in and out of the classroom. Denison has "walked the walk" of supporting our son in ways that no transcript could show. On the aid front, one thing we love about Denison is that it has always used fin aid to create a more economically and ethnically diverse student body, but it also reaches families who may not fit those categories but still can use the help in negotiating the high cost of college, esp for multiple children. In fact, if I recall correctly, more than 90% of DU students receive some sort of merit/need aid.
  • grinfixergrinfixer Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    The following taken from the Admissions Blog at W&L:
    So, are you interested in knowing what the competition was like? As I mentioned before, we selected 210 Johnson Finalists from a pool of 2176 applications. While the group chosen boasts an average SAT of 1507, an average ACT of 34, and an average class rank of top 2%, there were many valedictorians with perfect 1600s who didn't make the cut. This scholarship competition is not just about the numbers, but about leadership and integrity as well. We mined the resumes, interview reports and letters of recommendation for stories that illustrated these qualities in those ultimately chosen as Finalists. In addition, with so many equally strong applicants, the essays take on even more importance, and we paid close attention to those.

    My son is a GREAT kid, but I'm afraid the air may be too thin for him all the way up there!
  • grinfixergrinfixer Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    Glad to hear that (again) about Denison.

    I could go on and on about the significance of the tours guides at all these schools. The pecking order per my son DIRECTLY correlates with his opinions of the tour guides. It seems that nothing is more significant for getting the right or the wrong "feel" than the guide. Ditzy, nerdy, cocky, funny, and impressive are the words my DS used to describe the guides at Denison, W&L, Wofford, Wooster, and Richmond (in no particular order). Oh, would I love a "standardized guide"

    BTW congrats on your son's award at W&L. Apparently you have the abswer to my question, "Where do they find kids like that"?
  • Whistle PigWhistle Pig - Posts: 4,093 Senior Member
    grin ...I know both those boys and they are virtually interchangeable in terms of being top shelf Tangurey gin types. But diff flavors. One'll kick butt on the field; t'other on the stage! And they both have enough personality and brains for 3 or 4 fellas.

    I do have to laugh at the "spin" W&L puts on the Johnson Scholar candidates ...sort of like Obama trying to link himself to the proletariat (sp?), all the while speaking from the palace w/ 32 czars in the front row ... Doesn't quite play, does it. "Only 1507 SAT mean scores and top 2%. But let me make it crystal clear ...there was a valedictorian who did not make the cut that we may keep this available to the common man!" :cool:

    Uh huh. Sure. And the process is all aired on the campus channel. ;)
  • wildwoodscottwildwoodscott Registered User Posts: 68 Junior Member
    My son was invited to the Johnson scholarship competition with an academic record nearly identical to grinfixer's son's. W&L places a LOT of weight on the essay in determining who gets invited to the competition, and they do use the Johnson scholarship competition to identify students who qualify for financial aid and often offer them other scholarships tied to financial need. This apparently would not help grinfixer's situation, but it did help mine. DS loves W&L, especially his amazing and challenging professors. I would recommend that grin's son go through the application process. If he hits a home run on the essay, who knows?

    As a parent whose son actually went through the process, I can assure you that the W&L statement about students with superb academic records not being invited is real and not some sort of "spin." The school is interested in more than one's academic record, although it is an important factor.

    As this is a Denison thread, I'll not keep this conversation going.
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