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Official Tufts University ED II results thread

GoodFItGoodFIt 69 replies7 threads Junior Member
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Please Tufts ED II class of 2015 applicants, post your stats! It helps so much future applicants. Thank you! :)

Pick one:
[ size=+2][ color=green][ b]Decision: Accepted[ /b][ /color][ /size]
[ size=+2][ color=orange][ b]Decision: Deferred[ /b][ /color][ /size]
[ size=+2][ color=red][ b]Decision: Rejected[ /b][ /color][ /size]

[ b]Objective:[ /b][ list]
[ *] SAT I (breakdown):
[ *] ACT:
[ *] SAT II:
[ *] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):
[ *] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
[ *] AP (place score in parenthesis):
[ *] IB (place score in parenthesis):
[ *] Senior Year Course Load:
[ *] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):

[ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list]
[ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
[ *] Job/Work Experience:
[ *] Volunteer/Community service:
[ *] Summer Activities:
[ *] Essays:
[ *] Teacher Recommendation:
[ *] Counselor Rec:
[ *] Additional Rec:
[ *] Interview:

[ /list][ b]Other[ /b][ list]
[ *] Applied for Financial Aid?:
[ *] Intended Major:
[ *] State (if domestic applicant):
[ *] Country (if international applicant):
[ *] School Type:
[ *] Ethnicity:
[ *] Gender:
[ *] Income Bracket:
[ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):

[ /list][ b]Reflection[ /b][ list]
[ *] Strengths:
[ *] Weaknesses:
[ *] Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected:
[ /list][ b]General Comments:[ /b]

Remember to remove the spaces.
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Replies to: Official Tufts University ED II results thread

  • crespjcrespj 4 replies0 threads New Member
    [size=+2]Decision: Accepted[/size]

    • SAT I (breakdown): 2220 (760M, 750W, 710CR)
    • ACT: -
    • SAT II: Spanish 790, Lit 720, Math 680
    • Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.61
    • Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): School doesn't rank
    • AP (place score in parenthesis): Euro (5), US (4), taking Art History, Statistics, and Spanish this year
    • IB (place score in parenthesis): -
    • Senior Year Course Load: Somewhat heavy - mostly APs and Honors
    • Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National Hispanic Scholar

    • Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
      Foreign language magazine (editor of Spanish and French - basically editor-in-chief)
      Model United Nations (founder, co-president)
      School newspaper (national/international news contributor)
      Amnesty International (member)
      Promotional Arts Society (member)
    • Job/Work Experience: I worked at my mom's office junior year, it was mostly clerical work and it wasn't really an official thing, but they raised her salary while I was there, so I included it in the common app.
    • Volunteer/Community service:
      SAT Math tutoring (I currently tutor a junior at my school in SAT math)
      New Jersey SEEDS volunteer (freshman summer)
      School Summer Connections volunteer (sophomore summer)
    • Summer Activities: See above
    • Essays: I think I could have done a better job, but I did have a pretty interesting premise: the fact that I was born in Cuba and came to the United States when I was 5, which had a big impact on my upbringing. My Tufts supplement essays were stronger IMO, because I really love this school, and I think it showed.
    • Teacher Recommendation: It must have been very positive, but it was slightly unrelated to my strengths (he's a math teacher, I'm more of a humanities guy)
    • Counselor Rec: Solid, if maybe a little generic.
    • Additional Rec: -
    • Interview: -
    • Applied for Financial Aid?: Yes, got a generous package. We still have to pay a significant sum, but we are very grateful for Tufts' help.
    • Intended Major: International Relations
    • State (if domestic applicant): New Jersey
    • School Type: Competitive day school
    • Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino (Cuba)
    • Gender: M
    • Income Bracket: Lower-middle class
    • Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): URM, first generation college
    • Strengths: SAT I, personal background, community service
    • Weaknesses: GPA, SAT II, first semester grades this year
    • Why you think you were accepted: I never had any intention of going anywhere else. Tufts is where I wanted to be. I tried to make that shine through in my application, and I think that may have been what pushed me over the top.
    General Comments: I am incredibly honored and excited to be a part of the Tufts Class of 2015. For me and my family, it is truly a dream come true.
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  • hermanmelville14hermanmelville14 42 replies17 threads Junior Member
    Pick one:

    • SAT I (breakdown): 2090 (690 M, 720 R, 680 W)
    • ACT: n/a
    • SAT II:700 Math II, 720 Math I, 660 Lit, 550 Chem (ouch)
    • Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.6
    • Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
    • AP (place score in parenthesis): Eng. Lit (4), taking Calc AB, Euro, & Physics B now
    • IB (place score in parenthesis):
    • Senior Year Course Load: Block schedule, as many ap's as I could
    • Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): nothing major

    • Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Cross Country/Track; Lots of Music things; recording my own instrumental cd; Model UN; Triathlons
    • Job/Work Experience: Worked for my father's company summers until I was 16, then got a job in the restaurant of a Five star inn & spa (12-15 hrs a week? more in the summer)
    • Volunteer/Community service: Community Service club president senior year; various service things throuhout high school, got about 36 hours by the time I applied
    • Summer Activities: job, music workshop, mostly working haha
    • Essays: I found them very good. Common app was about model un, and my Tufts essays were fairly unique but I was usually at the very edge of the word limit.
    • Teacher Recommendation: One from my calculus/math teacher that was pretty good.
    • Counselor Rec: pretty cookie cutter
    • Additional Rec: I ended up sending another one from my Physics teacher. he attended tufts for engineering and could say a lot of good things about me so I asked!
    • Interview: Went extremelyyyyy well, but I've heard it doesn't count for much.
    • Applied for Financial Aid?: YES! at 56000 a year, I needed it...
    • Intended Major: Engineering (undecided, probsies mechanical)
    • State (if domestic applicant): CT
    • Country (if international applicant):
    • School Type: Small public, about 80 students in my graduating class
    • Ethnicity: caucasian
    • Gender: male
    • Income Bracket: 100,000
    • Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): first generation college student!
    • Strengths: essays, some of the extra curricular's and my extra recommendation
    • Weaknesses: SAT's (espcially subject tests for engineering)
    • Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: I prayed! haha
    General Comments:

    I know these things are helpful when you're stressing out about college, butttttt it's really important to keep in mind that the chances of an individual applicant are just that: they're for an individual applicant. Asking other people what they think of you is not helpful and not accurate. I fell trap to it too, and if I remember correcty, most people said I wouldn't get in! So work on your essays, and just do the best you can but don't put too much trust in what these and chances threads say for your shot at Tufts or any other school.

    On a lighter note, I couldn't be happier. I found out over a week ago and the excitement of seeing that congratulations letter is still here. My family couldn't be happier and I'm so excited to meet everyone and get started next year!
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  • Penguinmaster93Penguinmaster93 70 replies13 threads Junior Member
    I had already posted in the Early Decision thread because this wasn't created upon my acceptance, but I DID apply ED II.

    [size=+2]Decision: Accepted[/size]

      [ *] SAT I (breakdown): 2280 superscore/2180 not super score. 740/800/740 (CR/M/W) 12 on essay [ *] ACT: 35 superscore (I don't remember the distribution, but I had 2 36's, a 35, and a 33 I think). 34 not super scored [ *] SAT II: 800 (Chem), 770 (Math II) *I had a 730 on the Bio SAT II but did not send it [ *] Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): Idk out of 4.0, but high 97s unweighted and mid to high 98s weighted [ *] Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): School doesn't rank, but I'm close to the top haha. [ *] AP (place score in parenthesis): 5 AP Chem, 5 AP Physics B, 5 AP English Lang, 5 AP US [ *] IB (place score in parenthesis): N/A [ *] Senior Year Course Load: AP Calc BC, Research 12, AP English Lit, AP US Gov, Phys. Ed, AP Bio, AP Spanish, Band [ *] Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): No major research awards (yet? :D), but I have the Clarkson College University High School Achievement Award, AP Scholar with honor, and a few other not extremely major awards. [ /list][ b]Subjective:[ /b][ list] [ *] Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis): Science research, science olympiad, Spanish club, Siemens competition, LISEF (soon), a local concert winds group, All-County, school cross-campus wind ensemble, NYSSMA (you play a solo in front of a judge) for clarinet and piano, school pit band/marching band/orchestra/symphonic band, peer tutoring, Tri-M, NHS, Spanish honor society, etc. etc. [ *] Job/Work Experience: N/A [ *] Volunteer/Community service: Peer tutoring, and I help out my conductor for my out of school wind ensemble along with a few other community service activities [ *] Summer Activities: Science program at Brookhaven National Lab and then actual research with a particle physicist. I travel, too. [ *] Essays: I thought they were some of the best pieces of work I wrote for college, and I had so much fun with them. I also did the optional essay if anyone was curious. That was my favorite. [ *] Teacher Recommendation: I got one from my AP Chem teacher and one from my AP US teacher. Both should have been wonderful, I'm sure, but I waived my right to view them. [ *] Counselor Rec: I'm sure this was also rather flattering, too [ *] Additional Rec: N/A [ *] Interview: It went GREAT! I had a blast, but I'm not sure if this factored into my decision since it was only a few days before my decision [ /list][ b]Other[ /b][ list] [ *] Applied for Financial Aid?: No [ *] Intended Major: Chem [ *] State (if domestic applicant): NY [ *] Country (if international applicant): [ *] School Type: Public [ *] Ethnicity: White [ *] Gender: Male [ *] Income Bracket: [ *] Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): None. Woo! [ /list][ b]Reflection[ /b][ list] [ *] Strengths: My grades and GPA were definitely helpful, but I also feel that my character in my essays was truly myself and Tufts must have enjoyed that aspect of me as well. [ *] Weaknesses: Perhaps community service to some extent [ *] Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected: My essays were serious when they needed to be and more comical when the time called for it. I let my soul go free in those essays, so I'm sure that was a major reason. Also, I'm certain my grades/test scores were great helps. [ /list][ b]General Comments:[ /b] I'm so happy! AHHHH!!! JUMBO!!!
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