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extracurricular ideas??

JadeEvanshoya97JadeEvanshoya97 17 replies5 threads New Member
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Hey guys so I want to be a history professor when I grow up and would like to know if there are extra curricular activities I could be a part of. I can't think of any! I'm a docent at several museums and am part of history club, but that's about it and our history club kind of sucks haha. Any suggestions?
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4 replies
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Replies to: extracurricular ideas??

  • SikorskySikorsky 5745 replies106 threads Senior Member
    I suggest that you find activities you like and do them--whether they have anything to do with your career ambition or not. If you're aiming for really selective colleges, you should still find activities that you like and do them, but you should also do your best to ensure that your involvement in them shows that you've gained new skills, taken on new responsibilities or experienced some kind of personal growth over the years.

    And if you do eventually become a history professor, you'll probably be glad that you took the opportunity when you were in high school to debate or play lacrosse or be in musicals or volunteer after school at Head Start or whatever it is that you won't have time for then.

    Yes, I sound like an old person. But I am old enough to be your dad, and that's my advice.
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  • JadeEvanshoya97JadeEvanshoya97 17 replies5 threads New Member
    that's great advice thank you :)
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  • TristesseTristesse 86 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Well, why don't you improve the state of your history club? :-) It might take a bit of effort and time, but it would be worth it.

    Also, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities that interest you. What are some creative activities that you can do with the knowledge of history you already have?
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  • glassesarechicglassesarechic 5471 replies16 threads Senior Member
    Honestly, except for reading widely and voraciously about history, there's not much you can do at this age that will "prepare" you for a career as a history professor. Do what you want, whether or not it's tangentially related to history.
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