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The Indian Thread #22 AKA Class of 2018 admissions


Replies to: The Indian Thread #22 AKA Class of 2018 admissions

  • master642master642 2 replies0 threads New Member
    A little help needed here.
    I wish to apply to the US and have just cleared the SAT (M 720/ CR 800/ W 640). Most colleges consider GPAs as a selection parameter. I was wondering what scores do they take (ie Class 11 Final or Class 12 HY), and how to convert a percentage score to its GPA equivalent?
    Thanks in advance!
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  • hopingforbetterhopingforbetter 794 replies17 threads Member
    @master642 You are digging this old thread out of its grave (or maybe I am doing it now). Start a new thread to post your questions and concerns, or you could join the most recent class thread to find active people.

    Anyway, all your grades would be taken into consideration. So yes, you need to worry about both your class 11 final and class 12 midyear grades. Don't worry about converting anything to a GPA. Nobody can do it tbh. In the US, each school follows one or the other kind of credit unit system and they can convert quite easily from one system to another. In India, there is no credit system (I can't speak for the IB because i have no clue how that works). For a very rough estimate:

    >=90%: A (4)
    80-89.99%: B (3)
    70-79.99%: C (2)
    60-69.99%: D (1)
    <60%: E or F (Fail; 0)

    The numbers in the parentheses pertain to the 4.0 GPA scale. So if I have 3 As and 2Bs in a semester, my estimated GPA would be a 3.6/4.0 [(3*4+2*3)/5 = 3.6].
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