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What are my chances?

milkshaker32milkshaker32 5 replies2 threads New Member
Hi! I'm currently a junior in high school and it's the end of the second semester. I have a 4.0 unweighted gpa. My school does not do weighted gpa. Freshman year I took: English 9, Geometry, Spanish 2, US History, Choir, and Biology. Sophomore year I took: English 10 honors, Algebra 2 Honors, Spanish 3, Civics & Economics, Choir, and Chemistry. Junior year I took: English 11 honors, Precalculus, Spanish 4, AP Macroeconomics, Organic Chemistry, and AP Biology. Senior year I'm taking: AP English, AP Calculus, Spanish 5, World History, Physics, and human anatomy. There are only 7 AP classes available at my school and I have taken 4. I have taken 3/3 honors classes available. I got a 33 on the ACT and a 1370 on the SAT. I'm retaking both of them in a few weeks. I'm involved in National Honors Society, Key Club, Student Council, and Future Doctors of America. I'm on varsity soccer and I play club soccer and futsal. This summer I'm attending Miami University summer scholars program and I'm going on a trip to England with my AP english class. I ref youth soccer games and regularly babysit one of my neighbors. I volunteer in the hospital cancer center once a week and I mentor a second grader. I also help coach a youth soccer team. I was wondering what my admission chances would be for: University of Southern California, UCLA, Boston u, Boston college, Northeastern, Ohio State, Cu Boulder, u of michigan, michigan state, Miami U, and wisconsin madison. I also was wondering on ideas to improve my admission chances. I am a caucasian female that lives in Michigan.
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  • GumbymomGumbymom 28879 replies214 threadsForum Champion UC Forum Champion
    Can your parents afford $65,000/ year for you to attend UCLA since OOS students get little to no financial aid? You are competitive for UCLA but still consider it a Reach school. Also only submit your ACT score.
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  • DadTwoGirlsDadTwoGirls 5879 replies1 threads Senior Member
    Have you run the NPC on all of the out of state schools? Are you and your parents okay with the results?

    Given how strong your stats are, and how good your in-state options are, I have two opinions: First of all, your in-state options are great schools. You should know better than I but it looks to me that you should have very strong chances at both in-state options. I am guessing that MSU might count as a safety. Given this, I am not too concerned where else you are applying, but I am not sure that some of your out of state choices such as UCLA or BU or NE are going to be worth the cost. Personally I would pick U.Michigan over BU if I got into both even if they were the same price. I don't think that I would pay $65,000 per year at UCLA if I could do U.Michigan at in-state prices.

    I may be biased since the Michigan graduates that I have known have ranged from very strong (a way above average graduate student at Stanford) to truly superb (the best software engineer that I have ever worked with).

    I assume that you will do some preparation before retaking the ACT and SAT. Some preparation really does help.

    I also think that you are doing very well and should have some great choices in a few months.
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  • milkshaker32milkshaker32 5 replies2 threads New Member
    Thank you! U of M is currently my top choice. I want to go to a competitive school. There is usually 5-10 people from my high school each year who get into U of M. However, this year one of my friends got into Cornell but not Michigan so i want to apply to some other competitive schools just in case I do not get in.
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  • aunt beaaunt bea 10021 replies66 threads Senior Member
    Being out of state for UCLA will put you at a disadvantage because the state has received political pressure to accept more California residents. Priority admission does go to in-state residents. Paying $65K per year is just too much money for a public university.
    You might have better chances at USC since it is a private school. Their fees are $72K per year.
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