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Class of 2023 Results: Celebrate, Discuss, Support Here

payn4wardpayn4ward 3186 replies13 threads Senior Member
As the good news has started coming in, I am recreating the Big Thread where parents, students, or delighted observers can come and share their good news.

This is also the place to discuss both happy and disappointing news, and to support each other in the best manner of a community like this one.

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Replies to: Class of 2023 Results: Celebrate, Discuss, Support Here

  • payn4wardpayn4ward 3186 replies13 threads Senior Member
    Mods, Please pin this thread.
    Thank you.
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  • payn4wardpayn4ward 3186 replies13 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2018
    Congratulations for being done @InfiniteWaves ! Sorry to hear about having had to fill out the CSS :D

    @ChaosParent23 We all have OPC (Obsessive Portal Checking) syndrome. :))
    edited December 2018
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  • payn4wardpayn4ward 3186 replies13 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations @bearpanther !! <:-P
    It pays to OPC ! :))
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  • payn4wardpayn4ward 3186 replies13 threads Senior Member
    Congratulations @brentwoodmom ! <:-P
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  • srianssrians 16 replies0 threads Junior Member
    The Santa Clara EA results are out last night now for class of 2023
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  • ChaosParent23ChaosParent23 523 replies30 threads Member
    Approx 36 hours to 5 days until ED decisions come out. With no hard deadline & utter radio silence from the school, I'm getting very nervous! Even my son, who until yesterday was calm, is starting to freak a little.
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  • atanvarneatanvarne 75 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Oh how I wish my DD had gone with EA! She missed the deadline at all but one of her schools. We're not even thinking about getting results yet. I'm not even sure all of her recommendations and transcripts have been sent--gotta remind her to check that!
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  • shankmahshankmah 6 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi , my son has applied to OSU engineering, International student status, has anyone with this status receive admission notice?
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  • Busybee01Busybee01 33 replies0 threads Junior Member
    @srians - So true! I am grateful that my kid is healthy and has had his share of luck. I know of a couple of kids with health issues that work with the school to graduate hs, but not sure yet if it's possible. One is a talented athlete with many offers from great schools. Such a good kid, but he got sick and missed too many classes. Worst part, he still doesn't have a firm diagnosis. The last of his parents worry is college admission. Good luck everyone, happy Holidays!
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  • counselor26counselor26 4 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm curious, you said you don't qualify for financial aid, but did you submit the fafsa for this daughter?
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