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Chances! :)

bashibashi 593 replies84 threads Member
Im currently a Junior In A competitive Atlanta HighSchool. Born in North Africa and moved here at the age of 4 (Considered African American).

Here is what my problem is! Current GPA 3.2..BUT...There are 3 semesters left. So I can potentially get up to a 3.45+ (Which I mostly am going to do!) Huge rising trend.

Want to know something weird? Past 3 years at this school , we have had full new administration,principle,counselors every year! This eventually led to schedule changes (Blocks to Periods and vice-versa). Im sure this issue can be brought up during the application process.
My SAT is going to be taken at the beginning of December...Hopefully Santa can bring me good SAT Scores! I will hopefully get a 2000-2100.

-African American
-Hopefully SAT Score
-Rising Trend
-Live in Atlanta?
-Great Rec's.
-Will be able to visit the school once again
-Will be doing Early Action (If its even worth it)
-Great EC's (Hands on Atlanta,Work (YMCA),Fund Raisers around the area,Soccer Team,Chess team captain,French Club)


I have been keeping my eye on this school for a while!
Other Schools Im looking at: GaTech,BU,UofC
Probably looking into BioMedical Engineering.
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Replies to: Chances! :)

  • TheRighteousTheRighteous 332 replies15 threads Member
    A few harsh realities:
    -Living in Atlanta will greatly deflate your chances at UC Davis, because UC's are funded by the people of California to educate the people of California.
    -UC's don't take recommendations nor do EA.
    -A rising trend sure helps, but even a 3.45 won't help you much. Put this in perspective, you are competing against in-state applicants whose GPA averages around 3.7. On top of that, you're looking at an engineering major, which is even harder to get into.
    -UC's only look at sophomore and junior year GPA. So, you only have one semester to bring up your GPA.
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  • bashibashi 593 replies84 threads Member
    they dont look at freshman? :)...thats what lowered mine so much.
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  • BmbmastaBmbmasta 180 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Frankly, not to be racist or anything, but you will probably get in not only based on your stats but because of the need to have a "universal" representation of people in the university. There are not enough minority groups at this school (just mostly asian and whites). I am not sure about your major tho, engineering majors tend to have a higher gpa than other applicants....but then again this is davis. You can always go in under another major and transfer to biomed if your grades are good enough. Im sure you will do fine. Good Luck and work hard!
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  • Jeopardy_FanJeopardy_Fan 115 replies1 threads Junior Member
    UC does not practice AA anymore.

    I think it's very easy to get into Davis, the acceptance rate of C/O 2010 was like 68% so depending on what your UC GPA is, you're a possibility. Being out of state makes it more of a challenge though.
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  • batman32cbatman32c 605 replies46 threads Member
    UCD (OOS): Reach
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