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No Happy News at My Desk...


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  • garlandgarland 15900 replies198 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 16,098 Senior Member
    Wow--really miss many of those folks--just reading the names, i could immediately recall so much about each.
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  • jym626jym626 54948 replies2852 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 57,800 Senior Member
    Agreed. What a nice update and reminder of the olden days. Btw Alu, I am a "lurker" on your blog/ twitter. Wish I had your eye for clothes.
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  • mathmommathmom 32030 replies158 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 32,188 Senior Member
    I also enjoy Alumother's blog, though also mostly as a lurker - I'm interested in clothes, but not interested enough to pay for them and I care too much for my comfort to ever be as fashionable as I'd like to be.

    The original post brought back the day when my older son was rejected by Caltech, shortly after having been rejected by MIT. He was into his safety with a merit award so I knew rationally I shouldn't be sad, but here we had this kid who was brilliant (and that is not a boast) and it felt like a real slap in the face to see that these institutions didn't realize it. Like Alumother's kid, mine also ended up with great options (Harvard and Carnegie Mellon), but we didn't know that yet. Any way, I hope we all still have enough empathy to be supportive when we want to share our sadness for our kids, because of course for our kids we have to be strong and let them know that of course they still have great choices and all of that.
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  • AlumotherAlumother 6109 replies130 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 6,239 Senior Member
    jym, mathmom, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you following the blog. I think those days of posting here, and of course reading so many talented posters and their writing, was one of the things that prompted me to start it up. (Curmudgeon, I'm looking at you. And rrosen.) Jym, your boys are doing great, no? And mathmom, I am back in the software world and thanking our UX lead all. the. time.
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  • sybbie719sybbie719 20652 replies1977 discussionsSuper Moderator Posts: 22,629 Super Moderator

    I stand guilty cos it was me who referred to your post on another thread :( . Yes it was a kinder gentler CC back in the day and the level of support parents gave other parents and students was amazing. Just look at out Xiggi, who is all grown up.

    Thanks so much for checking in on this thread. It is good to hear that your "lil red-haired girl" and your son are doing well. Yes, like mathmom, I lurk your blog ;)
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  • walkinghomewalkinghome 7450 replies296 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 7,746 Senior Member
    Ah yes, a blast from the past! Kindler, gentler? I guess, but I have to admit I have really benefited from the the influx of the the parents of B students the last few years. Good to hear about two successful college grads Alumother! I'm working on #3!
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  • jym626jym626 54948 replies2852 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 57,800 Senior Member
    Yes, the boys are doing great. Thanks for asking. In fact one lives in your neck of the woods now and we were, literally, just there visiting this past week (and met his gf's parents-- a big step!) Just arrived home a few hours ago. The time flew by but it was a wonderful time and thanks for ordering up such glorious weather :) Younger s graduates in 3 months and has a job lined up. Cannot complain. They are doing well and off the payroll :) Yours?
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  • thumper1thumper1 73325 replies3190 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 76,515 Senior Member
    If anyone knows what a andison is doing now, please let me know!
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  • jym626jym626 54948 replies2852 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 57,800 Senior Member
    Andi is a photographer. You can probably reach out to her and find out.
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  • bookwormbookworm 8766 replies72 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 8,838 Senior Member
    I too enjoy reading the Dressing Young thread and sometimes Alum's blog.

    It was a sad day when Marite, with all her words of wisdom, left this forum. She helped my son find an apt. and offered so much good advice when he needed it. I was also so moved by all the Philly and NJ folks, who helped out when son repeatedly got stranded in snow storms, while trying to get to grad schools. Local folk suggested the train to New Haven, and kept me posted on schedule. Curmudgeon's daughter was caught in the same storm, same route. Then we got advice on flights from Newark airport a few weks later.

    On a lighter note, I've planned vacation on advice from CC psters.
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  • msteemstee 3082 replies55 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 3,137 Senior Member
    Hello all! What a blast from the past. Wow! Things change. CC has changed. I have changed. Of my five kids, three are now college graduates, one has just started college, and one is about to start high school. You would think I would have it all figured out by now, but I don't. So, I find myself coming back here often enough, though not as much as in the *olden days*. It was nice to come here for information and support and just to chat, too, back then, and it is still nice now. Thank you all!
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  • curmudgeoncurmudgeon 11830 replies298 discussionsRegistered User Posts: 12,128 Senior Member
    Nice see you, Alu.

    Now somebody tell the slowoldguy where this blog thing is. Pm me.
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