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Non top 10%


Replies to: Non top 10%

  • aGGieENGiNeeRaGGieENGiNeeR 941 replies20 threads Member
    Yeah, I know what it is like to be in the district with only one high school, a verrrryyyy large one too.
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  • pierrechnpierrechn 1451 replies54 threads- Senior Member
    and almost every district with one HS usually have a pretty good Football team
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  • Prime145Prime145 12 replies10 threads New Member
    How do you think I chance up?I'm currently a junior.I'm taking the SAT in May and June. If my SAT scores are good, how do you think I'll do?

    -3.3 GPA
    -Exactly in top third of class
    -4 years varsity wrestling (1 year as captain)
    -Eagle Scout
    -2 years of working at Chick Fil A
    -2 years JV football
    -Enrolled in all AP and Pre-ap classes except for math courses.

    And I also plan on joining the Corps of Cadets.
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  • AllThisIsNewToMeAllThisIsNewToMe 2037 replies256 threads Senior Member
    Think you should aim for academic-admit. Your rank is NOT your friend, so study for that SAT and try the ACT also.
    Academic Admits
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  • gxgal7gxgal7 270 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Prime145, you need to show the Corps you are serious about wanting to join. Plan to attend the Spend the Night/Spend the Day with the Corps programs. Go to aggiecorps.org for more info. Under the admissions section of that page, they have a checklist for high school juniors and seniors on steps to take toward admission for those whose path to acceptance includes being part of the Corps of Cadets.
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  • waitingstillwaitingstill 14 replies4 threads New Member
    I don't think it matters that you want to be in the corps anymore. I desperately wanted to be in the corps, attended programs, etc. and have better stats than you and didn't get accepted. Sorry.
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