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porkpersonporkperson 1948 replies123 threads Senior Member
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In your high school, is there racism?
What are the demographics of your school?
Geographic location?

In my (public) school racism is rare or used jokingly. There are very few minorities and the school lacks diversity, except for the massive numbers of asians. Minorities tend to self segregate but can fit into any social group. Only like 5% of the school is under the poverty line. I've heard of places where there is a lot of racism though, even from the teachers!!!
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  • coffeecup2945coffeecup2945 111 replies17 threads Junior Member
    there are mostly whites
    very little asians
    in the area I live in there are a lot of *illegal* mexicans...

    so lots of jokes about always being mexicans when you walk into mcdonalds, and how they stare at you a lot. Which I have noticed.. but obviously its not true about all mexicans
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  • coffeecup2945coffeecup2945 111 replies17 threads Junior Member
    whites are stereotyped as rich ditsy blonds that contribute to one of the skeeziest places in the state thats full of drug dealing, designer bag toting, abercrombie wearing, alcoholic kids who outspend daddy's bank accounts and think theyre hott because of it.

    asians stereotyped as nerdy and smart
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  • MattNCMattNC 3422 replies15 threads- Senior Member
    My School State Average
    White 66% White 55%
    Black 18% Black 31%
    Hispanic 8% Hispanic 10%
    Asian 8% Asian 2%
    15% Economically Disadvantaged.
    Chapel Hill, North Carolina
    Go to greatschools.org, search your school and go down to student stats.
    There are joking stereotypes flowing, but that's true everywhere.
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  • emorylegacyemorylegacy 811 replies14 threads Member
    There are stupid stereotypical jokes, and most of my school is white & conservative (80% white, 12% asian, 8% other-- I'm guessing), but there's no racism. I live in the Southern part of my county, where it's uh more affluent, so it's... more diverse. If that makes sense. I live in Jaw-juh
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  • BryDeeCBryDeeC 1453 replies18 threads Senior Member
    My school is pretty diverse. Blacks, whites, and hispanics are about even at 38%, 35%, and 18%, respectively. In my opinion, the only true minorities in the school are Asians (about 5%, I think) and "everyone else" (mostly biracial, I'm assuming).

    I live in the southwestern suburbs of Chicago. My town has a pretty decent income range (low income to upper middle class, I'd say).

    I haven't really experienced or witnessed any racism at all. There is a pretty good amount self-segregation, but it's not too prevalent. It's a pretty big school, so it's not like some unwritten law or anything. You don't get ridiculed for talking to people of other races or anything like that. People do make jokes and stuff, but it's nothing malicious.
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  • porkpersonporkperson 1948 replies123 threads Senior Member
    Found the statistics for my school

    80% white
    12% asian
    4% hispanic
    3% african american

    However, in Honors and AP classes, the asian population is like 25%
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  • eastafrobeautyeastafrobeauty 2333 replies97 threads Senior Member
    hahahahaha my school is like 95% white ( if i went to school in the inner city that would be a different case :P)

    location: 5 mins away from the twin cities

    all of my friends are minorities- most are black, east african,then some asians & arabs... (and maybe 1 or 2 hispanic/latino ppl)

    my friends (and I sometimes) always complain about the lack of diversity and how our school is "too white"

    It's funny though, since I don't really have any white friends- outside of class, at least.
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  • coffeecup2945coffeecup2945 111 replies17 threads Junior Member
    OH did I mention that my school has two cafeterias
    the downstairs (kind of uglier, and older cafeteria) is mostly ALL minorities.

    the upstairs better lighted one with better tables is mostly ALL preppy whites

    whites are afraid to sit in the downstairs cafeteria.
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  • lucky2010lucky2010 1435 replies30 threads Senior Member
    In your high school, is there racism?
    not really, some jokes but we make a lot of jokes on everything

    What are the demographics of your school?
    I just saw it on the school report. 97% hispanic (meaning mexican american), 2% black, 1% white. There aren't any asians though I think I see one but he could just be hispanic and filipine or maybe he's just not enough to get a %.

    Geographic location?

    San Antonio, TX. Southside, inner city school. The north side schools are mostly white, southeast mostly black. Everywhere else is probably about the same as mine, at least in the SAISD district which is the inner city schools.
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  • QuantumLipidsQuantumLipids 229 replies13 threads Junior Member
    My school's about 85% white and mostly upper-middle class (suburban twin cities). Asians are the largest minority, with some blacks and very few Hispanics.

    I would say that there isn't really much overt racism, but there definitely is racial self-segregation. Math/science clubs are pretty heavily Asian (math team is about 85% Asian males), and the "diversity" clubs seem to be comprised of mostly black kids from what I've seen. For some reason, there seems to be a greater concentration of minorities after school. In the after school bus, the demographic distribution is quite interesting. The white trailer park kids sit in the back, the black kids sit in the middle, and the nerdy Asians/whites sit at the front.
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  • RocknPianoRocknPiano 959 replies41 threads- Member
    White 47%
    Hispanic or Latino 33%
    African American 9%
    Asian 6%
    Multiple or No Response 2%
    Pacific Islander 1%
    Filipino <1%
    American Indian or Alaska Native <1%

    I don't know it too well but I assume there has to be some racism because there sure are a lot of gangs.
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  • MattNCMattNC 3422 replies15 threads- Senior Member
    In my school, most whites sit with whites and blacks sit with blacks and asians sit with asians. Actually asians mingle with whites.
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  • GraveKittyGraveKitty 77 replies1 threads Junior Member
    We make racist jokes jokingly, but mostly about our own race. Like, most of the people in my school's asian, and we're like "you know, we're like, asian, so we can't see" or some other asian stereotype. But around 10 % of my school's white or mixed, and there's no clique-ing at all.
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  • John117John117 697 replies94 threads- Member
    Our school is diverse, but I don't think people are mature enough to appreciate the diversity. People segregate themselves by race :[

    We don't have many Indians in our school, but a lot of first generation/fobby ones come to our school (the area is pretty cheap).
    So a lot get discriminated against. They say Indians have a terrible accent, smell like curry (which has a bad connotation), and mistaken us with middle eastern ppl (terrorist bombing and all the stupid stuff).

    So T-T
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  • rhythmgamingrhythmgaming 634 replies16 threads Member
    White 90% 71%
    African American 7% 20%
    Hispanic 1% 5%
    Asian 1% 2%
    American Indian <1% <1%
    Multiracial <1% <1%


    City is whiter than the school.
    As for racism can't say its really prevalent, though that's probably because no one wishes to act that way. Though there are several gripes that correlate to specific groups.
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  • ella93ella93 68 replies11 threads Junior Member
    My school is mostly white with a few asians and even fewer others.
    It isn't really a racist environment although the school lacks diversity and the majority of the students sit with those of the same race as them.
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  • AUGirlAUGirl 2791 replies99 threads Senior Member
    It exists in my school... at least that is what I hear, but for the most part it is lacking.

    When you go to a school with so few minorities, it makes for almost impossible segregation. In my grade, we have one black student, five asian students (Four are foreign exchange students), one indian student, and I think the rest are white. (Fourty-Fifty kids in my class) That's like ...14-18 percent. (I actually didn't realize it was that high.) Oh! And we're getting a Brazilian girl. (She started like a week ago, but didn't enroll in any classes. She just sits in classes so that she can improve her English for next year.)

    But... It's all intermingled. I mean, at one time, my grade had three black girls. They were all my friends. Race was never an issue.

    However... at the public schools I went to... things were so segregated and it was taboo to be really good friends with black people. It just ...didn't happen. I don't think it was so much intended from the white people as it was the black people, though. I never had problems with the 'people of color', but none of them ended up being my friends in public school. There just seems to be a more natural segregation there. Maybe it's because I went to a 50/50 school. (50% white, 50% black)... but I don't know.
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