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What to do in summer without internet

lebronjameslebronjames - 485 replies82 threads Member
edited May 2010 in High School Life
I am gonna be in a house with no internet, computers, TV, mp3 players,...etc any sort of media.
Also, I won't have any access to furnitures- except two beds and a kitchen table.

Any suggestions?

( I have 96 SAT Practice tests and a set of weights, but that is all. I am planning to buy some James Bond novels too.) Also I have 9 AP study guides.

I will be with my family.

I have fresh clothes and new colognes.
edited May 2010
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Replies to: What to do in summer without internet

  • nyuhopeful11nyuhopeful11 89 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Summer reading books? Write your own book. Go swimming. Play basketball. PLay card games, etc.
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  • MonochromeAddictMonochromeAddict 848 replies12 threads Member
    Are you going to live in the middle of nowhere? :)

    I've lived in an isolated, horribly traditional village where the villagers never use any kind of technology for their agriculture. But 1-2 of them still have mobiles!
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  • lebronjameslebronjames - 485 replies82 threads Member
    ^Actually, not really.
    I am in a city, but my parents just moved there so I am staying there for the summer.

    Why are you planning to live in a traditional village?
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  • eastafrobeautyeastafrobeauty 2333 replies97 threads Senior Member
    hahah you could try walking to the library sometimes?

    I think I might be stuck w/o internet for a while as well b/c I'll be in Dubai in the summer and last summer i tried to find wi fi hot spots but all of them were locked and we only have dial up...which is really slow and i had to install something from the etisalat for it to work...lol. But i think i'll live again. Last summer i also went a good month and a half w/o any internet at all ( spent rest of the time in africa)...i survived.

    I think you'll be fine. Since you won't have any internet your time is going to be used a lot more efficiently. (:
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  • lebronjameslebronjames - 485 replies82 threads Member
    Library is right next to my house, but last summer I stayed there for 9 hours straight everyday.
    I mean, there is nothing else to do!!!!
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  • MattNCMattNC - 3422 replies15 threads Senior Member
    I would kill myself.
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  • lebronjameslebronjames - 485 replies82 threads Member
    I am thinking of getting even bigger in terms of bodybuilding.
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  • kerrbokerrbo 209 replies19 threads Junior Member
    Oh, so many possibilities...

    Go to a hobby store and buy any of the kits - models, Chinese brush painting, etc.

    Bring any (or get at the library) of the "teach yourself to..." or "learn to..." books such as:
    Artsy types: Paint, Draw, Knit, photography, chain-mail, etc.
    musical types: harmonica, recorder, sing, yodel, banjo, guitar, etc.
    Educational types: Learn sign language, or any other language, Learn to write Japanese or Korean or calligraphy

    Read all the classics, get a creative writing workbook and lots of blank journals.
    Make up your own board/card game.
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  • lebronjameslebronjames - 485 replies82 threads Member
    Thanks! Gonna be fun!
    By the way I can write those languages you mentioned above.
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  • mj rothlanmj rothlan 352 replies10 threads Member
    That actually sounds pretty cool. Read books on stuff you're interested in, work out a ton, learn some crazy new hobby...
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  • porkpersonporkperson 1948 replies123 threads Senior Member
    Thats what it was like in the 70s.

    Do what they did in the 70s.
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  • ninjacatninjacat - 113 replies5 threads Junior Member
    get a 3g card!!!!!!!!
    or if you already have a 3g phone, see if it is tetherable if you hack it.
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  • md5hashmd5hash - 606 replies20 threads Member
    hack some wifi, steal a computer, chill in the city
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  • hobbithillhobbithill 938 replies45 threads Member
    1. bring ****-ton of reading books (pref smart-looking)
    2. go to beach with girls
    3. ???
    4. Profit

    In all seriousness though, if you think reading a book at the beach is boring, you're not going to enjoy life much.
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  • ShaniquaShaniqua 33 replies5 threads Junior Member
    Bodybuild bro
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  • GrisamGrisam 1937 replies70 threads Senior Member
    pot. trust me, the summer will go like POOF.

    Or reading, travelling, etc. are all viable options.
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  • lebronjameslebronjames - 485 replies82 threads Member
    Thanks. I am actually thinking of modeling
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  • BMan22BMan22 - 444 replies13 threads Member
    Go find women.
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  • emorylegacyemorylegacy 811 replies14 threads Member
    write a play, get some "locals" (funny wording, ha) to act in it, put it on your college transcript. oh snap
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  • PlattsburghLoserPlattsburghLoser 5446 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Take this time to learn something new that you've always wanted to learn but never had the time to devote: like a new language, a new musical instrument, etc.
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