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Welcome New College Rep, unionadmissions, from Union College, Schenectady

Roger_DooleyRoger_Dooley 6084 replies100309 threadsFounder Senior Member
edited October 2010 in Union College - New York
Please join me in welcoming our newest College Rep, unionadmissions, from Union College in Schenectady, NY!

As a reminder, our College Reps are individuals that we have taken reasonable steps to verify as being from the school they represent. (If you find a CC member claiming to be an admissions person at a college and that member isn't flagged as a College Rep, please let us know so that we can verify his/her status.)

As an matter of courtesy to our College Reps (who have real-world jobs and are incredibly busy during the admissions season!), please don't post pleas for help naming the individual (e.g., "unionadmissions - Need Answer ASAP!!!" is what NOT to do - ask your question in a new thread with a clear and specific title, and you'll get input from CC members and, perhaps, from the resident College Rep if he/she has something to contribute.)

Say hello if you like, but please don't ask questions in this thread - start a new one with a relevant title.
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Replies to: Welcome New College Rep, unionadmissions, from Union College, Schenectady

  • limabeanslimabeans 4649 replies105 threads Senior Member
    Welcome to this forum, Union rep! Your beautiful school has always been a favorite at our house and I've often enjoyed speaking with you (or your colleague) at the college fair at our HS over the years.
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  • UnionAdmissionsUnionAdmissions 44 replies0 threadsCollege Rep Junior Member
    Hi limabeans. Thank you for the welcome and for the kind words about the College. I graduated form Union in 2004 and have been working in the Admissions Office since then. We very well could have chatted at some point!
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  • Sally_RubenstoneSally_Rubenstone 3063 replies1114 threadsCC Admissions Expert Senior Member
    Welcome, UnionAdmissions. I also think you have a lovely campus, but I'm too old to have enrolled at Union myself since Union was still an all-male college when I was in high school.
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  • siglio21siglio21 2222 replies456 threads Senior Member
    the first task is learning how to pronounce the town's name!

    anyways i heard the campus was very beautiful...and union college is one of the few LACs to offer engineering
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  • tpainnopaintpainnopain 65 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Hello UnionAdmissions, i am an international student. How generous is Union towards international students who apply for financial aid? Can you give me any statistics on how many international students are financed by Union College each year?

    And if a student has a couple of B's in senior year, then can she apply to Union with only her sophomore and junior year grades and near perfect SAT1 and SAT2 scores (basically not reporting the senior year grades during admissions)?
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  • bartuscalderbartuscalder 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Our son is heading up to the school tomorrow for Monday's open house - he is interested in economics with a possible minor in energy studies. How good is the economics program at UNION? He is also considering Resource Economics at UMASS or ecological economics at RPI. Thoughts? Thanks for your help.
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