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Tips on throwing a really good New Year's Eve party?

starbrightstarbright 4549 replies111 threads Senior Member
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We always host a New Year's eve party. We usually get about 40-60 people. Lots of folks we know are away for the holidays so it's always a somewhat different subset of individuals who happen to be in town and without plans.

It is a very diverse mix, from age, to occupation, to nationality. We have hot and cold appetizers and a huge choice of drinks (alcoholic and nonalcoholic punch, beer, wine), though people tend not to drink very much, if at all. Everyone seems to want to leave right after midnight, yet other parties we've been to tend to go on much longer.

I love to do this party, but I'm never confident it's 'that good'. I wish it were more fun than I think it feels. I wonder if there was something we could do, as hosts, to make it livelier, more fun. Any good suggestions?
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Replies to: Tips on throwing a really good New Year's Eve party?

  • HImomHImom 34798 replies394 threads Senior Member
    Around here, the highlight of a lot of New Year's Eve parties is fireworks, especially this year before it becomes illegal in 2011. Folks here just love setting them off & also watching them. Unfortunately, they burn so much that the smoke is really tough for the many folks with breathing problems & so many end up in the ER. It's also tough on firefighters with so many illegal arials that go off & start fires on dry vegetation or homes.

    Don't know whether it's legal to set these off in your area.

    How about karaoke for any songbirds? What about Wii? Dancing contest? Apples to Apples? We also played a very rowdy game of Family Feud at a recent family reunion (it's a DVD game & pretty inexpensive--$15 for that and two other games at Costco).
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  • ShrinkrapShrinkrap 11539 replies251 threads Senior Member
  • SchmaltzSchmaltz 3050 replies64 threads- Senior Member
    I would think that having some sort of designated driver service on call would lighten the mood considerably.
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  • starbrightstarbright 4549 replies111 threads Senior Member
    Thanks for all the tips.

    We can't even buy fireworks here, except at Halloween so that one is a great idea but not possible for us.

    We just got an xbox so I wonder if we might do something with it. Hard though with so many. But wonder if we can get karaoke for the xbox! That would be fun...though drinks would surely help :) Love the link Shrinkrap!

    We have talked a few times about how to get people home if that is stopping them from having a drink. We truly wonder if that plays a role. Maybe hire a shuttle bus to take everyone home later?
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  • qdogpaqdogpa 2357 replies60 threads- Senior Member
    When i was younger(under 30) parties never broke up before 2 am+-..As we are in 50's now,parties are more subdued,but still leaving right at midnight+- doesn't happen..Drinking is also less,but still enjoyed..
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  • fendergirlfendergirl 4620 replies159 threads Senior Member
    I'm going to a new years eve party tonight. We're in our late 20's and 30's mostly. It's usually pretty small but we'll all hang out, have a few drinks, etc. The guys usually like to play rock band. It's always funny to see the people sing on it.

    usually the crowd tapers off a little bit after midnight but people usually stay for a few hours past. sometimes after midnight my friend will break out some board games that are good for large groups.
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  • Youdon'tsayYoudon'tsay 19363 replies460 threads Senior Member
    Hey, if you get 40-60 people at your party every year, then I'm guessing you're doing something right.

    We usually hit two paries on NYE -- both family affairs, but one much larger than the other. At the big party, probably 100 people, there are a few things that are going on:

    1) Rock Band in the game room. Both the adults and kids join in there.
    2) Capture the Flag, all kids and outside.
    3) Later in the evening, after the alcohol for those who drink has kicked in, there's a karaoke machine. Seems like it's mainly the adults who get into this.

    The party is a potluck. I always think that makes things interesting and gives people something to talk about.

    Also, the hosts ring in the new year at 10 p.m. and again at midnight so that those with young kids or other parties can leave early if they want. I think that's why at just past midnight it doesn't feel like there is an exodus -- some already had left and those who stayed are a little more hard-core in their partying (not drinking, necessarily, just in it for the long haul).
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  • collegeshoppingcollegeshopping 1802 replies135 threads Senior Member
    Buy some index cards, or if your house is like our house, there are plenty. Take the number of cards equal to the number you believe will arrive. When each guest arrives, pin, tape, whatever an index card to their back. On that card is noun. People can look at the card and then the person wearing the card (the person wearing the card should not know what his/her card says) has to ask people questions or clues as to what their specific card says. Some of the best are drink names, "Sex on the Beach" or "Irish Coffee", and then there are always politicians, public figures, movie stars. It makes for very interesting conversation. Once they know who or what they are, they can take their card off.

    When trying to figure yourself out...the first question is always, "am I person, place, or thing" Then it goes from there.
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  • SchmaltzSchmaltz 3050 replies64 threads- Senior Member
    Everybody throw their car keys in a big bowl....
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