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Apush!! Help!!!

vcfan304vcfan304 34 replies12 threads Junior Member
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I am currently a sophmore and undertaking course selection for next year. I have currently taken regular U.S. History I this year. I was wondering if it is possible to take AP U.S. History II in my junior year. Does the course require honors material from US I? My school is pretty rigorous, as 96% of students earn a 3 or higher on AP exams.
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  • smwhtslghtlydzedsmwhtslghtlydzed 1344 replies212 threads Senior Member
    it should be possible, but it just depends on your school. at mine, students from accelerated, not honors, us history 1 can easily move into APUSH junior year, but since they cover a little less info, they have to catch up on their own and study a little harder for the exam...not a big deal though. unless your school makes it impossible, i don't see any reason why you shouldn't move up into AP. good luck! :)
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  • garfieldlikergarfieldliker 1914 replies78 threads Senior Member
    At my school, Juniors all take a form of US History. Thus, those that sign up for APUSH have had no US History classes since middle school.
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  • vcfan304vcfan304 34 replies12 threads Junior Member
    Thanks!!!! The reason I would be taking this course is to have 3 junior AP's to obtain the AP Scholar Award. Is that worth it or not? I will pursue Business or Engineering, so honestly, History is useless in my field of study.
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  • vcfan304vcfan304 34 replies12 threads Junior Member
    bump bump bump
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