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Extra Carrics!

diskotimediskotime 23 replies9 threads Junior Member
edited June 2011 in University of Washington
Everyone who got in (even those who didn't) list 'em!
Preferably in-staters, since that's where I am.
I need some summer inspiration!
+It'd be awesome to hear of the names of some organizations.
I'm from 360, so if anyone has insight close to home that'd be REALLY appreciated!
edited June 2011
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Replies to: Extra Carrics!

  • speedsolverspeedsolver 1903 replies16 threads Senior Member
    What are you interested in? What are you planning on studying in college? These can be good basis questions on what our extra curricular activities could be.

    Even if one of us was an assistant at a vet's office, I'm sure that wouldn't be much help for you if you dislike working in close proximity with animals.
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  • Ponyo90Ponyo90 15 replies2 threads New Member
    I'm interested in medicine and a neurobiology major. I was lucky and have been working at a vet hospital since I was 10 years old- and have worked my way up to a veterinary technician, which has founded my love for medicine, which is why I want to be a human doctor. This is also why I'm interested in neurobiology, so I started volunteering at a neurobiology lab at UW under a UW professor who teaches in neurobiology. I know have a paid job this summer doing research.

    I was able to get a letter of rec. from this professor for my transfer application. I'm still waiting to hear back for my acceptance to Fall 2011 quarter, I thought I was a shoe in, but I'm getting worried I got rejected since my unofficials haven't loaded yet, but it is still really early I guess.
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  • rubberducky3rubberducky3 71 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Were you waitlisted pony? It's odd that you haven't heard back yet..

    I'm out of state, so my ECs probably aren't as important to you disco (I'd also prefer to to broadcast them since they're very unique to myself) but if you'd still like to know you can message me about them.
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  • Ponyo90Ponyo90 15 replies2 threads New Member
    I haven't heard back yet, I'm going for Fall, so not many people have heard back yet from what I can tell. They are reviewing apps right now. So I still have some time to hear back.
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  • rubberducky3rubberducky3 71 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Ohh, are you a transfer student?
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  • diskotimediskotime 23 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Good point speed, good point.
    I guess I was just wondering what sorts of things various people of various backgrounds, situations, and passions are into.

    My passion is education, and I've done many tutoring based extracurriculars. :)
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