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hows a semi-traumatic topic for common app essay?

JoethemoleJoethemole - 801 replies153 threads Member
edited November 2005 in College Admissions
It won't go into details, but basically its a really really personal topic about me going through a private semi-trauma (quite an unique experience, that i'm not even sure if they'll believe me), followed by mini-depression and how it gave me teenage rebellion. its not rape, suicide, mass-depression, or anything THAT traumatic.

I really don't want to play the "napoleonic triumph" card, and am leaning towards like a less triumphant ending. ie rebellion.

Oh and this has really affected my life, like i didn't take any IB courses because of it

Is this too controversial or itchy for the adcoms? like would they think of me as a law breaker (i've perfect school record, and rec's should be good)
edited November 2005
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Replies to: hows a semi-traumatic topic for common app essay?

  • celebrian25celebrian25 15082 replies288 threads Senior Member
    Of course it's hard without knowing what it is, but an essay is all on how you present it. It could be published as the greatest college essay ever written or could send you for a rejection. I think you can make it work, but the point of these essays is to show something about you, and make sure you're showing them something they'd want to see, if that makes sense. Good luck :D
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  • JoethemoleJoethemole - 801 replies153 threads Member
    bump this one up
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  • JoethemoleJoethemole - 801 replies153 threads Member
    bump, looking for evaluators of topic. I'll pm you with the exact topic, and where i'm having difficulties on
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  • carolyncarolyn 7242 replies193 threads Senior Member
    The key: don't focus on the traumatic event. Focus on what you learned from it, and how it lead to you becomming the person you are today. Not taking IB courses is not what I'm talking about; becomming a better person is. If you can't explain in a succinct way what you learned from this event and how it changed you and your important views on life, then look for another topic.
    Otherwise, traumatic essays tend to come across as just whiny and self-pitying.
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