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Best Double Major For Business? To break into business with great oppurtunities?

Hence9Hence9 9 replies19 threads New Member
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1) Finance + Math

2) Finance + Accounting

3) Finance + Economics

4) Accounting + Math

5) Accounting + Economics

What other majors combinations would be marketable for business?
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Replies to: Best Double Major For Business? To break into business with great oppurtunities?

  • MalikwalMalikwal 105 replies46 threads Junior Member

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  • EnticingPlagueEnticingPlague 253 replies30 threads Junior Member
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  • soontobesoontobe 5 replies0 threads New Member
    Accounting + MIS
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  • Junioryear10Junioryear10 105 replies7 threads Junior Member
    If your looking for solely business then something like Accounting + MIS but if your looking for selling specific things look at a science and sales. So something like for cars Mech Engineering and Sales or slight variations.
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  • derekallen2009derekallen2009 416 replies21 threads Member
    Honestly, it depends on what your dream field is in? Corporate finance, consulting, venture cap., I banking, your own business & so on…me for example, I want to do mid-size consulting and I'm studying supply chain and minoring in finance.
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  • oldfortoldfort 23122 replies294 threads Senior Member
    Both math and economics are offered in A&S (liberal arts), finance and accounting are offered in the business school. I think it would be hard to double major from 2 different schools within an university.

    In general, UG business degree is not as hard as engineering, math, or other science majors. If you want to go into IB, it is useful to minor or take few math courses because some IB work could be very math intensive.

    My daughter double majored in math and econ, took few courses in finance/accounting from the business school to show she has an aptitude. She said her math background is very useful at work.
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  • workingATbig4workingATbig4 317 replies0 threads Member
    There is no magic combination or secret degree. Major in something that will expand your knowledge base in an applicable way (i.e., Understanding the implications of the Treaty of Versailles is not applicable in business), get involved, and network, network, NETWORK!
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  • dfree124dfree124 3686 replies26 threads- Senior Member
    Hey, the Treaty of Versailles ended WWI, don't make fun of it.
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