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Did anyone get accept into Berklee College of Music with a GED?

macbookgirlmacbookgirl 3 replies3 threads New Member
I'm getting my GED right now and am hoping to apply for music schools. the berklee website said they do accept GED graduates, but I was wondering if there are anyone GED graduates out there who actually got accepted into Berklee?

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Replies to: Did anyone get accept into Berklee College of Music with a GED?

  • math4bapmath4bap 43 replies3 threads Junior Member
    I know a student with a GED who went to Berklee. His education was unschoolerish. My impression was that Berklee asked him to get the GED, perhaps as a condition of admission. He applied one year (maybe 15 or 16 yo) and was not accepted. He tried again the next year and was accepted. He received good scholarship money or need-based aid, don't remember which. You could ask Berklee whether they want you to have the GED up front if you know that's where you want to go. As I assume you know, a GED is not universally viewed as a positive.
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  • TjolmsyTjolmsy 21 replies1 threads New Member
    Hey, I was just accepted into Berklee last Saturday with my GED. I will be a vocal principle. I guess for any advice, I'd say just tell them how important learning is to you, and how passionate you are about music and Berklee. Of course you need to have a level of talent and skill, but having your GED doesn't dismiss you from getting in. Look at me.

    Just promote your passion and desire for Berklee and you may also want to explain why exactly you got your GED in you essay. At least I did. As long as they can see that you got your GED for a good a reason and that you didn't get it just because you were lazy and didn't want to finish high school then you should be fine. Also getting really high scores on your GED STRONGLY helps. My scores were immaculate and that's very important, especially if your high school grades were bad.

    Hopes this helps. If you have any questions just let me know. :)
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