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2050 any good as a SAT score?

CaptainPenguinCaptainPenguin 0 replies1 threads New Member
As an International student I have no idea ( ._.; ) What sort of colleges can you get into with that???
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Replies to: 2050 any good as a SAT score?

  • tedders83tedders83 257 replies8 threads Junior Member
    2050 is a decent score, but I would try to bring it up if you can. Its on the lower end for many 2nd tier universities (such as Rice, Vanderbilt etc). SAT is only a small part of the application, though, so if the rest of your app is good then you have a decent shot at most universities. Would need to know more about the rest of your app to say for sure though....
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  • wilsun007wilsun007 173 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Sure. Depends on what colleges you want to go to. However, if you're compare yourself to other people on college confidential, then no, your score is crap.

    Just kidding!

    Although your score is fairly decent, it won't get you in over domestic applicants I'm guessing. If you have some other attractive, unique qualities, as I'm sure you do, I think you still have a good shot at a lot of colleges. I know that a lot of asian international applicants go into the UC system. "Nearly 7 percent of University of California undergraduates come from more than 100 countries across the globe." You might want to check some of those schools out.
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