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Let's beat the December SAT. Together.

ReckieReckie Registered User Posts: 346 Member
edited December 2012 in SAT Preparation
Over the last few weeks of studying for the SAT, I have realized that perhaps the best way to prepare for the SAT is to stay immersed in it. Whether you are doing a full length practice exam, or just reading through some posts on CC, staying focused will ultimately lead to improvement.

I know for many of us the December test is our last chance to achieve our goals, so let's do this together.

Whether you have a question where the answer doesn't make sense, a question about college admissions, or you would like to post your daily goals and progress, go ahead! I know myself and Marie96 will be here to talk! Feel free to share your desired scores, dream schools, what you're using to study, and anything you have found helpful so far.

There are 27 days to study for the December SAT! :)
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Replies to: Let's beat the December SAT. Together.

  • ReckieReckie Registered User Posts: 346 Member
    I'll post a picture of my current scores below. For the December test I am aiming for 700's in math and writing.

  • acousticsoundacousticsound - Posts: 39 Junior Member
    My goal is 600M, 680CR, and 720 W (10e). How many can I miss in each section and still get this?
  • Marie96Marie96 Registered User Posts: 222 Junior Member
    Is it really 27 days? I had like 25....not that I have a countdown or anything...

    Have you chosen a list of colleges yet? I had a couple of people ask me the other day where I was applying to and I just basically said that I'll narrow my list down when I get my scores back.

    Your scores are good! Very close to your goal mark! And that CR 700 is looking greattt! :)

    Studying for today will probably consist of reviewing over each section and reading old threads on here. I really just blew off this weekend and need a 'refresher' of the material.

    I'm thinking around this range: Math, you'll need between 39-42 to be correct. CR: Between 54-56 correct. Writing: Between 44-46 correct. There really is no definite answer.
  • amy2525amy2525 Registered User Posts: 147 Junior Member
    I like the idea of this thread!
    I am still junior but I want to finish the SAT early. I am aiming for 700 CR, 800 M, 750 W (1x essay) total 2250, but will be satisfied if I get 2200

    your CR score is great! Congratulations! :)
  • 12hulk34512hulk345 Registered User Posts: 175 Junior Member
    The other thread has been created for the discussions on the december SAT ....
    It will be better, if we all shift there ..
    it's here:
  • ReckieReckie Registered User Posts: 346 Member
    @Marie, I think it's 27... I have to sing the song every time to remember the days in each month haha.

    I think Binghamton is my #1, but I'm really not sure because of my low GPA where else I could apply.

    What are the schools you're looking at?

    @acousticsound, like Marie said; it depends on how many you omit, and the curve. For example since there's 54 math questions, you will need around 40 correct with no omits. But then you have the curve...

    @amy, I wish I did not leave it to the last minute. This is literally my last chance now, and with the hurricane I've basically lost the November sitting. Good luck with 800M!

    @12hulk345, I'll be staying here, but people can choose wherever they decide to post. I'd rather not clutter up someone else's thread with my daily progress and gibberish!
  • 12hulk34512hulk345 Registered User Posts: 175 Junior Member
    @Reckie: Well, I cannot say anything about that. It's your choice..
    Anyways, best wishes :) :) :)
  • Marie96Marie96 Registered User Posts: 222 Junior Member
    Good call on taking the SAT on early! I wish I would've done that...
    Good luck to you :)

    What number grade would your gpa correlate with? And I guess you shot my Northeastern University suggestion down, lol.
    My realistic choice/option would be some in-state, private university.

    No thanks, I'll pass. I'm not a thread hopper...
  • dhadar830dhadar830 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Dude my friend got a 2180 she's a damn genius... but what you gotta understand is that you can do it. The SAT is a system just learn all the perks. READ A LOT! Learn to decipher and read small paragraphs. Do plenty from the blue book from collegeboard. Assuming ur a senior you should be studying 2-3 hours a day and really focus on only this, since Im on varsity basketball it was kinda hard but plz. Thats reading.... As far as writing goes there are guides of that and this one universitys website that I used for grammar lessons but practice and work hard. For the essay have a clear introduction and conclusion with a great hook and use like 2-3 examples preferably one will be a book, dude my friend made a book up and got a 10. For words this man named Larry Krieger wrote a book called 300 words. make a kindle account and buy it for like $10 itll be the best money you ever spend.... I PROMISE. Just remember Quality>Quantity and I wish you all the best buddy.
  • ReckieReckie Registered User Posts: 346 Member
    @Marie, 86.5. I actually looked into Northeastern quite a bit, but it's in the category of 50k+ a year schools for me. If I'm spending that much, there are a lot of schools to look into.

    In-state for you is South Carolina, but what schools are you looking at there? And doesn't being in-state AND private defeat the purpose of going to a school in your state?(less cost) I'd like to stay in the Northeast, but the only reason for me to stay in New York is for the SUNY/CUNY schools like Binghamton, Stony Brook, or Geneseo which are only like $7000 dollars a year not including board.

    Also, is there a maximum amount of credits you can transfer into college with? I was told 32 which would really suck because then I spent extra money on credits I can't even use.
  • kyubinesskyubiness Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    What book should I get to be well prepared and confident on the writing and critical reading sections of the test?
  • Marie96Marie96 Registered User Posts: 222 Junior Member
    Clemson, University of SC, College of Charleston, and Winthrop. Actually, those are all public, so my bad.

    About the credits, it all just depends on what you took and the college that will be accepting them. Some colleges have it where they only accept certain classes and then the other credits will be wasted. Some colleges have it where an X amount of credits make you apply as a transfer instead of a freshman or sophomore level applicant. I'm in a Bridge Program right now where every class I take is completely certified to transfer to any 4yr college in SC.

    Oh, did you ever find out about when your makeup SAT is? Or are you not going to take it?

    What is your current score range in the Writing and CR section?
  • ReckieReckie Registered User Posts: 346 Member
    @kyubiness, where you start will definitely affect my recommendations. But in general..

    I heard Rocket Review is the best for CR; but it's over $100 on Amazon. I got mine for about $140, but people are selling them used for way more($200-1000, crazy), so I hope I can make a couple bucks off it when I'm done. I've also heard Barrons is great.

    Not really sure about writing; but for the essay I'll link a thread below.

    For vocabulary, Direct Hits is absolutely amazing. It uses words that have been found over and over on past SAT's and doesn't just list them with explanations; but gives you stories which really do help you remember the meaning.

    Knowing tricks for taking the test will improve your scores as well, such as eliminating extreme answers, eliminating politically incorrect choices and those that defy common sense, etc. You can find a lot of these online.

    A great tool for me was the guides found on CC, such as...
    SparkNotes Test Prep: SAT Information Center

    Don't forget the best practice tests are going to be from the Blue Book. Previously administered actual tests and made-up ones from CB. The others can be sketchy.

    @Marie96, they haven't let me know about the make-up yet. Unfortunately. What's your GPA?
  • Marie96Marie96 Registered User Posts: 222 Junior Member
    I don't know my gpa... I do know that for my diploma, I need a 94% or higher and right now, it's looking like I'm going to be around the 95.5%+ area.

    They still haven't listed the makeup date yet for me either, but I know on the phone, the CB rep did ask the proctor about Nov. 17, and the proctor said sure. I guess for them to make it "official" they have to run it by everyone first. I saw where test date cancellations usually occur a couple days before the scheduled date, so I'm assuming that by the latest, something should be posted a couple days before the 17th.
  • ReckieReckie Registered User Posts: 346 Member
    I'm not even sure if I'll take it at that point. Maybe just for practice; and it'll give me 2 chances at getting a good writing score; but I won't be prepared for math.

    Also, since only a few people will be taking it, and most of them will probably be good-work-ethic students as they are taking it on a rescheduled date, the curve will be harsh.

    When I get home on Wednesday I'm going to write out a concrete day-to-day work plan. I've also decided to get my math tutor back for like 4 sessions before the SAT. Doing my work, along with the work the tutor assigns me, and the tutoring sessions, hopefully I can get my 700 in math. I won't try to bury myself in work though, as once I fall behind I'll end up giving up. What's your plan?
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