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I just took ACT but don't want it to be graded. What do I do?

lolifofololifofo 346 replies30 threads Member
I gave up after not finishing on time and decided that my old score is good enough. I don't want today's test to be graded. What should I do?
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Replies to: I just took ACT but don't want it to be graded. What do I do?

  • Bartleby007Bartleby007 493 replies1 threads Member
    You can permanently delete a test date record on file with the ACT company, but you'll need to put your request in writing in order to do so.

    Here's a link to the webpage which describes the process:
    quote from ACT website:

    How do I delete a test date record?

    If you would like us to delete your scores for a particular test date from our records, you must request it in writing. Provide us with your name and home address, and we will mail you a form to complete and return to us. We will then permanently remove your record for that test date from our files. All scores from that test date will be deleted.

    Write to:

    ACT Institutional Services
    P.O. Box 168
    Iowa City, IA 52243-0168

    FYI, the College Board has a completely different score cancellation process for the SAT.
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  • yoskisyoskis 440 replies43 threads Member
    just use score choice
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  • GingerPeachGingerPeach 110 replies6 threads Junior Member
    I think some schools require the reporting of all scores from all tests taken.

    Others let you choose which scores to send. If in serious doubt (like you became ill and had to leave the test or have some other really compelling motivation) I would follow the instructions above and get the score pulled altogether.
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  • NeumanmeNeumanme 14 replies1 threads New Member
    It will not really matter if you didn't have it selected to go to the schools that you are applying to. If you did have it sent to schools, than study really hard and do well the next time that you take it.
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  • jnix88jnix88 30 replies9 threads Junior Member
    cancel it just call ACT and they will help you
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  • engineeringfashionistaengineeringfashionista 49 replies41 threads Junior Member
    you can cancel it but only up to a week after the test
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  • rebel71rebel71 18 replies0 threads New Member
    yes, it can be canceled, I recommend you try taking it again, its apparently easier than the SAT
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  • zryzorzryzor 41 replies2 threads Junior Member
    again, that is subject to opinion
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  • zryzorzryzor 41 replies2 threads Junior Member
    i wud recommend taking a practice test
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  • totalnirvanatotalnirvana 15 replies0 threads New Member
    Cancel it quick!!
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  • totalnirvanatotalnirvana 15 replies0 threads New Member
    If you don't cancel it colleges will see that you took an additional test and that won't be good
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  • totalnirvanatotalnirvana 15 replies0 threads New Member
    And if you apply to a school that requires you to report all scores that won't be good
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  • reader9reader9 15 replies0 threads New Member
    I found a site saying the average ACT for a college grad is 23 and the average ACT for an MD or PhD is 27.
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  • ImpactrecruitingImpactrecruiting 9 replies0 threads New Member
    No worries if you have selected not to have the scores of the test sent to the schools.

    However, some schools request that you provide them with all test scores when submitting your application

    Don't provide that score unless it is absolutely required!
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