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what now?!

Dani052988Dani052988 24 replies7 threads Junior Member
edited December 2005 in Boston College
i got my letter yesterday and found out that i got deffered early action. i know a million people call and ask what they can do to be accepted but the admissions office really doesnt have anything to tell them, so i figured that it wouldnt help me much. has anyone been in my position or even is in my position? what do you think i can do to let them know how much they should accept me? i love bc and i just want to do everything i can to prove that to them. thanks so much for all your help!
edited December 2005
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Replies to: what now?!

  • FieldyFieldy 32 replies3 threads Junior Member
    the first step would be to contact the admissions officer that looked over your application and believe it or not, engage in some type of discussion about what was lacking from your application.
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  • Henrym288Henrym288 114 replies8 threads. Junior Member
    What are your stats, Dani?
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  • Dani052988Dani052988 24 replies7 threads Junior Member
    I'm a first generation Mexican-American, from a small town in Westchester, New York, and I attend a public high school.

    GPA: 3.9
    SAT: 1890 (combined) - Math 670; Verbal 620; Writing 600. I know, I know, its low :(.
    HS Curriculum: 7 APs in my four years, all other classes were/are honors.

    Honors/Awards: Presidential Gold Award (9, 10), High Honor Roll Award (9, 10), Honor Roll Award (11), Citizenship Award (9, 10), Invitation to the 2005 National Student Leadership Conference (11), The National Society of High School Scholars member (11, 12), Whs Who Among American High School Students member (11,12), National Young Leaders Conference & National Leadership of Merit(12), Girl Scouts Silver Award (10), Girl Scouts Gold Award (pending)

    Extracurriculars :Valhalla International Fund Club; Spanish Club, Coordinator; Valhalla Musicals; Valhalla Mentor Program, Tutoring president;Yearbook Club, Layout Designer; Year Video Club; Girl Scouts of America; Piano;Dance, ballerina, jazz & tap dancer; Field Hockey (fall season), Captain; Softball (spring season) Captain.

    Community Service: Cranberry Lake Clean-up; Book Buddy, Mt. Pleasant Branch Library; VIF Apple Picking & Apple Pie Baking; Spanish Club Craft Fair Basket; Girl Scout Leades Assistant to Junior Girl Scout Troop 1187, Making Strides Against Breast Cance walk; Blood Drive, Holy Name of Jesus; Valhalla Ambulance Corp.

    I also have good letters of rec and a really strong essay.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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  • parikhsparikhs 1386 replies221 threads Senior Member
    I'm suprised you got deferred with a 1290 M/V and 3.9. I'm also suprised the URM didn't help.
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  • Dani052988Dani052988 24 replies7 threads Junior Member
    thanks parikhs. actually i was expecting to get deferred lol bc a girl from my school applied with better stats than me. btw what does URM mean?
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  • RossiguyRossiguy 16 replies0 threads New Member
    Yeah I got deferred and called them and the asst. director of admissions said the committee thought that my senior year grades were the lowest they've ever been (I got As in all classes including my four APs, and then I got two B-s in calc and physics because those two classes are extremely difficult). However, a B- at my school in those classes is near the top of the class, so it's not as though i'm slacking off. If you consider ANY weakness in the context of your entire application, BC will probably capitalize on that when talking to you over the phone. Keep in mind that whoever you speak to will remind you that you're a strong applicant, but early admission was just for the cream of the crop.
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  • jimbob1225jimbob1225 3418 replies39 threads Senior Member
    URM = underrepresented minority
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  • Dani052988Dani052988 24 replies7 threads Junior Member
    thanks rossiguy, thats a really good idea. good luck the next time around hopefully theyll see how much both of us deserve to be accepted.

    and jimbob, thanks for the clarification, lol, i had no idea.
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