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Catholic School Rankings Revisited

JuniorMintJuniorMint 1465 replies26 threads Senior Member
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So I happened to be casually browsing this thread, and I thought it might be an entertaining exercise to see us debate our favorite Catholic schools.

So how would you rank the nation’s Catholic schools?

Do it however you like – by branch of Catholicism, by quality, by prestige, getting you into Heaven, etc.
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Replies to: Catholic School Rankings Revisited

  • JuniorMintJuniorMint 1465 replies26 threads Senior Member
    I compiled some data from CollegeBoard for you.

    School, Order, UG Size, admit rate (2012), 25% - 75% CR, 25% - 75% M, USN

    Notre Dame: Holy Cross, 8500, 23%, (660-750), (680-770), 17

    Georgetown: Jesuit, 7500, 17%, (650-750), (660-750), 21

    Boston College: Jesuit, 9100, 29%, (620-710), (640-740), 31

    Holy Cross: Jesuit, 2900, 34%, (600-700), (620-680), 32 LAC

    Fordham: Jesuit, 8300, 43%, (570-670), (590-680), 58

    Villanova: Augustinian, 7100, 46%, (590-680), (610-710), 1 (reg)

    Fairfield: Jesuit, 3900, 71%, (530-620), (550-630), 2 (reg)

    Creighton: Jesuit, 4000, 78%, (530-630), (540-660), 1 (reg)

    Santa Clara: Jesuit, 5200, 51%, (590-680), (610-700), 2 (reg)
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  • JuniorMintJuniorMint 1465 replies26 threads Senior Member
    Personally, I would order them like this:

    1. Notre Dame
    1. Georgetown
    3. Boston College
    4. Holy Cross
    5. Fordham
    6. Villanova
    7. Santa Clara
    8. Fairfield
    9. Creighton
    10. Providence

    Although, as a disclaimer, I was admitted to a three of these schools...
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  • moneypmoneyp 775 replies19 threads Member
    to OP: are you asking for schools that are nominally Catholic or those that are true to the magisterium type of Catholic?
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  • JuniorMintJuniorMint 1465 replies26 threads Senior Member
    It's up to you, but I am including all Catholic schools. Those Jesuits can be rebels sometimes, but I still love them. ;)
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  • thumper1thumper1 78498 replies3537 threads Senior Member
    Disclaimer...DD is a graduate of Santa Clara. We think it's a great school...and would agree that it would "rank" higher than Fairfield and Creighton.

    The Jesuits really have a good handle on higher education. Great course offerings and great schools.
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  • GretaGreta 597 replies106 threads Member
    I will throw Gonzaga into the mix.

    We know many alumni, young and old, and personally don't know anyone who did not like their Gonzaga education and experience. I am not familiar with Fairfield, Creighton nor Providence, but we placed Gonzaga just below Santa Clara when we were looking at schools and that was only because both kids preferred the Santa Clara's location.
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  • mom2collegekidsmom2collegekids Forum Champion Financial Aid, Forum Champion Alabama 84339 replies1048 threads Forum Champion
    Personally, I would order them like this:

    1. Notre Dame...G'town....tied
    3. Boston College
    4. Holy Cross & Santa Clara .....tied
    6. Fordham
    7. Villanova
    8. Fairfield
    9. Creighton
    10. Providence & SLU ....tied
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  • jaylynnjaylynn 1634 replies1 threads Senior Member
    My D had a great experience at University of San Diego, which is not Jesuit but is Catholic. We're not Catholic, but were impressed by the school's staff's compassion when she had some anxiety issues. And I'm from Wisconsin, so I like Marquette, too.

    Another plug for Gonzaga. We were impressed. Unfortunately its location and campus could not compete with USD.
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  • gosmomgosmom 2043 replies58 threads Senior Member
    Lots of very good Catholic schools not on list: The Loyola's (MD, LMU, Chicago, NO), Marquette, USan Diego, USan Francisco, DePaul, Xavier, U Dayton, UPortland, Canisius.

    Agree with Jaylynn...Gonzaga, USD and Marquette were impressive.

    And I'd put Notre Dame at the #1 Catholic U in the US....
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  • marlenemarlene 198 replies8 threads Junior Member
    My wonderful Jesuit education taught me to think with an open mind.... Which, many years later, resulted in my leaving the Catholic Church.
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  • firefghtrsDadfirefghtrsDad 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello all. A total dark horse candidate for your consideration may be the University of Scranton. Totally Jesuit but surprisingly conservative. Located since 1888 in Scranton, PA. My daughter passed up UVA and Notre Dame to attend. Check their website, especially the 'Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program'.

    Program: Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program (SJLA) - University of Scranton - Acalog ACMS?

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  • whenhenwhenhen 5530 replies111 threads Senior Member
    Loyola Marymount University is an outstanding Jesuit institution. Great location, beautiful school, and solid to excellent academics (depending on the field). I know conservative Catholics and liberal atheists who go there and love it.
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  • atomomatomom 4749 replies41 threads Senior Member
    Thomas Aquinas College (CA) and University of Dallas are a couple of the top conservative Catholic colleges.
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  • kitty56kitty56 1317 replies20 threads Senior Member
    firefghtrsDad ~ I totally agree with you!

    Interesting article you posted by Fr. Ron. My D was in SJLA when he was the head of it and it was one of the best experiences for her. My S also got to know Fr. Ron as Fron lived on the same floor as my S during S's freshman year. H and I met Fron several times - a wonderful man.
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  • firefghtrsDadfirefghtrsDad 3 replies0 threads New Member
    kitty56- Thanks for your response. It is great to hear that the results matched the expectations of the SJLA at Scranton. Fr. McKinney is still there and active in the Philosophy Department. He has handed over the honors program to the capable leadership of the Philosophy Chairman, Daniel Haggerty.
    We were so impressed by this school. They are really guiding their money and efforts towards their traditional strengths of sciences and the core humanities. It is hard to know what is not to like when the school has invested so heavily in a new science center, student commons, upperclass dorms and now nursing and physical therapy department buildings. Add to that the Jesuit Magis, Cura Personalis, SJLA, Trivium, 'Pride, Passion, Promise', multiple Fulbrights, and all for AMDG.
    Well, as you can tell, we are as excited as my daughter about her start in September.
    Best Regards.
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  • VillageMomVillageMom 308 replies3 threads Member
    1. Christendom
    2. St. Thomas Aquinas
    3. Franciscan University - Stuebenville
    4. Ave Maria University
    5. Benedictine College

    Honorable Mention to Hillsdale College... While not Catholic, it's traditional and conservative enough that many of my uber-Catholic friends send their kids there.
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  • kitty56kitty56 1317 replies20 threads Senior Member
    firefghtrsDad ~D had a close friend who became a philosophy major who LOVED Haggerty. I don't think either of my kids got to have him though. Because of SJLA and the way the courses work, an SJLA member can somewhat easily make philosophy a double major, which my D chose to do. Most of my S's closest friends were in SJLA even though he was not. Another philosophy professor who is absolutely wonderful is Dr. Rowe. S was able to maneuver to get him for the 2 required phil. classes in the gen. ed. curriculum. We have also met him several times. Just a great guy.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. When you have enough posts, you can PM me if you wish and I can fill you in on other information.
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  • Lady LornaLady Lorna 151 replies2 threads Junior Member
    I would have to add Thomas Aquinas in Santa Paula, California into the mix. It's unique--a Great Books school--and is consistently ranked toward the top of lists for schools offering a superior education, especially for the money. It is also ranked very high on lists for student satisfaction. I don't have the sources at hand at the moment, but remember being impressed. Disclaimer--my daughter was admitted and they are holding a place for her until after the 2014 Winter Olympics.
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  • atomomatomom 4749 replies41 threads Senior Member
    RE: #19
    TAC was mentioned in #14.

    #17 , VM, The name of the college you're thinking of is "Thomas Aquinas College" in Santa Paula, California.
    (Not to be confused with "St. Thomas Aquinas College" in Sparkill, NY--a much lower ranked college, or "Aquinas College," a Dominican school in Nashville, TN)

    Academically, most would rank Thomas Aquinas College above Christendom, and U. Dallas above Christendom as well.
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  • sally305sally305 7475 replies129 threads Senior Member
    We are not Catholic but our daughter might be looking at a few Catholic schools. If anyone has opinions on Depaul, St. Thomas (MN) or St. Benedict, we would appreciate them. Especially how they are for science and the arts, and how liberal/tolerant the campus culture is.
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