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Should I even apply?

JnmmarieJnmmarie 23 replies9 threads New Member
About half an hour away from where I live, there is a large state university. I visited, and it is a perfectly good school. However, it's a commuter school, and I don't see the point of paying for a dorm when I live nearby. The thing is, my large family only has one car which my dad uses nearly all day to commute to work. My parents said that we may be able to afford a second car sometime during my brothers senior year/my freshman year in college, so I have no idea whether I'd have Transportation in time to start for my fall term. Now this school isn't exactly a safety for me (its a match), I don't really want to waste money on a dorm, and I may not be able to commute in time to start the term that I want. Should I bother applying?
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Replies to: Should I even apply?

  • AROTCDanKAROTCDanK 67 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Have you looked into a) Carpooling or b) public transportation?
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  • JnmmarieJnmmarie 23 replies9 threads New Member
    A handful of people from my school end up going there but for carpooling to work they would have to have the same classes as I do right? And there are many busses the college uses but I live in a suburb outside of the city in which the school is located in so the school transit doesn't go to my area. The school is in a different county so I can't use the public transit :(
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