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Calling all china mavens

NYMomof2NYMomof2 5724 replies304 threads Senior Member
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Well, all you china fanatics, I am not a young bride, I'm an old parent, but I could use your advice. I have had a set of fine china for years, so I'm not in the market for that.

I had Mikasa English Countryside for a while:

Mikasa Dinnerware, English Countryside 45-Piece Set - Casual Dinnerware - Dining & Entertaining - Macy's

One problem was that the dinner plates were so large that they wouldn't fit in the microwave. But the major problem was that the plates chipped like crazy. The bowls and other pieces with a sort of finished rim didn't chip, but everything else did. I had to replace it.

I replaced it with Villeroy and Bosch Audun:

Buy Villeroy & Boch Audun | 3 lines in stock | Plates, Bowls, Serving Items, Tea, Coffee, Other Tableware, Cookware & Kitchenware, Homeware

It's a mix and match set. I have some pieces in the plain yellow border pattern, rice bowls and salad plates in the black and white crosshatched pattern, soup bowls in the pattern with yellow border and a black picture in the middle, and very few pieces in the really complicated pattern. The problem? Those yellow borders are completely marked with gray/black marks. I periodically remove them with Bartender's Friend, but they don't completely disappear and they always come right back. I do put these in the dishwasher and I understand that stainless flatware makes the marks somehow. I use a V&B stainless pattern.

Any suggestions for yet another replacement?
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Replies to: Calling all china mavens

  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18688 replies327 threads Senior Member
    Have you tried Soft Scrub on the gray/black marks? It generally works on my Portmeirion Botanic Garden.
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  • thumper1thumper1 76075 replies3352 threads Senior Member
    We have all white royal Doulton porcelain dishes that we use. They are fabulous. They were my moms and when she died I decided to use them for everyday. That was 10 years ago and they still look brand new. No chips, no marks...really nice. And white goes with everything so I can mix and match serving pieces and the like.
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  • AgentninetynineAgentninetynine 1539 replies14 threads Senior Member
    Are you looking for everyday or special occasion?
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  • thumper1thumper1 76075 replies3352 threads Senior Member
    Mine is quite suitable for fancy or everyday!
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  • mythreesons1144mythreesons1144 164 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Like Veryhappy, we have Portmeirion Botanic Garden. Have used them every day for he past 11 years with no marks, no problems. I love them! Plus they are beautiful to display!
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  • geo1113geo1113 1427 replies0 threads Senior Member
    Sorry. Can't help. I'm still using my 38-year-old Corelle plates.
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  • AgentninetynineAgentninetynine 1539 replies14 threads Senior Member
    As I said in another thread, we too use Portmeirion Botanic Garden for our everyday and have had them for 21 years. The only time they cracked is when we warmed them up on our ceramic stovetop. Other than that they've survived the kids and us.

    I love, love these dishes.
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  • AgentninetynineAgentninetynine 1539 replies14 threads Senior Member
    NyMom- I forgot to say that I have some Villeroy & Boch porcelain covered cast iron cookware and it's chipped in two pans :(
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  • bevhillsbevhills 1393 replies44 threads Senior Member
    Frankly I wouldn't place china in the microwave. I keep cheap paper plates by the microwave.

    But the black spots? I would take it back to the store where I purchased the china. The salesperson can contact their personal rep (assuming that the store can't give you cleaning assistance) for Villeroy & Boch. They should assist you.
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  • sportsmom2016sportsmom2016 253 replies18 threads Junior Member
    Another vote for Portmeirion Botanic Garden! I have had this group for 18 years. I continue to add to my collection. It looks great both everyday and for guests. I stopped using my good china during the holidays because I love the Botanic Garden so very much. The colors have held up very well with regular use. All of the pieces are very solid. I love it!
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  • NYMomof2NYMomof2 5724 replies304 threads Senior Member
    VeryHappy, I haven't tried SoftScrub, but I have used Bartender's Friend. It removes most of them, but they come right back. I'm not talking about a few marks, those yellow rims have lots and lots of black/gray marks.

    And when I do remove them, it sort of dulls the china.

    I love the Portmeiron pattern, but it is awfully expensive. I spent a fair amount on the V&B - didn't buy it in a store, bevhill, but from an online store that is now out of business. I should contact V&B, though.

    The white Royal Doulton sounds nice, thumper. All white is a possibility, although I'd prefer a pattern.

    These are to be used every day.
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  • JoblueJoblue 1313 replies23 threads Senior Member
    If all white is a possibility, I would suggest the Apilco or Pillivuyt French porcelain from Williams Sonoma. There are several patterns (one with a blue border) and the dinner plates come in a variety of sizes, the better to fit in different cabinets and dishwashers. They are amazingly sturdy, hard to chip, microwavable, freezer and oven friendly as well as being simple, yet elegant enough to be used for everyday and formal.

    They are not cheap but are sold open stock in the stores which have periodic sales, you get a discount for every 16 pieces you buy and if you are lucky enough to live near an outlet you can get them for a great price. They are classic and never go out of style.

    Dinnerware, Dinnerware Sets & Dish Sets | Williams-Sonoma
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  • colorado_momcolorado_mom 9131 replies80 threads Senior Member
    "Sorry. Can't help. I'm still using my 38-year-old Corelle plates." - Ha, geo... I guess my 29 year old white Corelle plates probably still have a lot of life left in them.

    The original sets had maroon flower trim. My grandmother and I went to Caldor where she bought them as an engagement gift... so they have great sentimental value. I've added more plain white pieces from Corning stores and thrift shops along the way. They go through the microwave and dishwasher all the time.

    The dishes look great with my 29 year old French White casserole dishes. It turned out we mad a classic choice - Corning French White is still in the stores after all these years
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  • LergnomLergnom 7737 replies189 threads Senior Member
    We use Spode Albany, a very old pattern (pre 1800) that's now discontinued, but it's held up very well despite having both color and a pattern. If you find something by them, it should do well.
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  • lefthandofdoglefthandofdog 1463 replies7 threads Senior Member
    Agree with Joblue - Apilco wears like iron, no chipping after 3 years, just some scratches from steak knives and no breaks at all. I like the all white.

    Also have Spode Fitzhugh which I stopped putting in the dishwasher because Martha S said not to because it would wear off the color/decoration and those chip/break. Had a set of Dansk Generation dishes I loved and used everyday but they eventually chipped and a couple broke - one cracked in half in the microwave.

    Have a Rosenthal Monbijou coffee/tea service that I rarely use and never to microwave. I do put the plates and cups in the dishwasher but not the tea or coffee pot.

    Since this is a college forum, many universities have Wedgwood plates, some dating back to the 1930s. I spent over a year finding the 12 for as a gift for D's graduation and was thrilled to get 10 as a wedding gift for a good friend's son - both he and GF (they aren't engaged yet, but I'm hoping) attended the same U. If he doesn't marry the girl, he'll still get the dishes eventually.

    Almost didn't open the thread because I thought it was seeking travel advice and I've none to offer. China, though, that's different.
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  • katliamomkatliamom 12910 replies169 threads Senior Member
    Any opinions on Fiestaware sold at Macy's? DH is intrigued because it's made in the US. And it seems always on sale !
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  • toledotoledo 4810 replies290 threads Senior Member
    NYMom, please contact V&B about your problem. I'm sure they'd be willing to replace some pieces. Noritake did that for me, when I was having problems with chipping.

    I just started buying Audun 9 months ago and have not had any problems so far. Some of the pieces I've purchased on ebay have been used. V&B are too expensive to put up with problems like that!

    I just googled the problem and found this:
    I have some Villeroy and Boch porcelain with the gray flatware marks. I called the company and asked them how to get rid of the marks. They said, first of all they recommend an 18 10 stainless steel flatware. The 18 and the 10 refer to the amount of chromium and nickel in the flatware. Second the representative said they recommend using Soft Scrub and bleach. I also asked about water spots on plates and cups and wondered if it would be ok to try vinegar and she said that would certainly be alright to try. Hope this helps.
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  • anothermom2anothermom2 1705 replies48 threads Senior Member
    I had a mikasa set for everyday when I first got married, and it did not hold up as I would have liked. Lots of chips, like you experienced. I also had Dansk, which broke easily. A few years ago, I moved and got new dishes. One set Lenox Mosaico, is great, but unfortunately discontinued. Lenox has worn much better than either of the other two. It has gold trim and washes fine in dishwasher and can microwave. I got it on sale at Macy's. The other set is royal doulton, and the bowls have broken, but I hesitate to blame it on the dishes. My yorkie will jump on the table if you aren't looking and lick out the cereal bowls and then, boom on the floor (ugh.) They haven't otherwise chipped or discolored, but this set, vintage orchard, is also discontinued.

    What I like about both of the sets we currently use is that they are microwave and dishwasher safe, but are china, not stoneware. I do not like the look of stoneware.

    One set of china that I have seen a lot of people use on a daily bases is the royal albert old country roses. This may be too frilly for your taste or lifestyle, but it also goes on sale at Macy's quite a bit.

    I have loved the look of the portmerion china, and I have given serve pieces as wedding/engagement gifts. I never did get the set myself.

    FYI lots of the Lenox is made in the USA. They have an online store. Here in NJ, they have lots of outlets too. Also if you sign up on their website, I think you get coupons for sales etc.
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 18688 replies327 threads Senior Member
    Do you all know about Replacements Inc. for replacement pieces for crystal, china and silverware -- including sterling, silver plated, and stainless? You can go on their website, search for your pattern, and order replacement pieces. It's a wonderful service, and a wonderful company.
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  • ECmotherx2ECmotherx2 2226 replies8 threads Senior Member
    Portmerion is on sale in Macy's plus an extra 15% off, plus, buy one place setting, get one free!
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