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Chance UF :S

cemistrycemistry 14 replies2 threads New Member
edited January 2014 in University of Florida
Hey! As we get closer to decision day, I'm becoming more worried. Here we go:

4 AP's total
2 Dual enrollment classes (A's in both)
3.7/4.9 GPA (4.1 UF recalculated)
1880 SAT (650 Reading 590 Math 640 Writing)
Legacy (father)
Cross Country Captain
SHAPE Treasurer
College counselor said I wrote a perfect resume and essay

I feel like I'm beating a dead horse with this. Thank you in advance!
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Replies to: Chance UF :S

  • arrozconlechearrozconleche 349 replies19 threads Member
    High match. Total AP number is a bit low, math SAT score is low and not many AP classes. Are you in state or out of state and what is your ranking, as knowing this may help me to chance you better.
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  • HectorSalamancaHectorSalamanca 71 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Your stats look better than mine already. I strongly suggest you read this reply I made earlier and will make a thread about.

    I think chance me's for UF are useless. UF does have the most holistic admissions routine for a mid-high ranking public school.

    I think there is some limit where you need to have a GPA or test scores or EC's above it to have any chance. From there, it becomes a lottery where some lower-level applicants even get accepted over higher-level applications.

    I think I was a lower-than-average applicant. I had just 2 AP's and Baseball EC at some random, unrecognized high school, and I got in. Whereas someone I knew really did all he could to get into UF, 9 AP's, SAT's in the 2000's (seriously how can you get this high?), and some strong EC's, and ultimately he did not get in. Last I heard from him was he was in UCF but at least he's liking it there.

    My point: Sadly for a school where many qualified (and over-qualified) applicants who really would like a seat have to go through some raffle.

    Your stats are definitely better than mine. I'd like to say you deserve a seat more than me, but no one can really guarantee it.

    I think this applies to most chance me's I come by on these forums.
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  • arrozconlechearrozconleche 349 replies19 threads Member
    I agree. These are just guesses by people like me, a high school student. I am no fortune teller. UF is very holistic, so I have seen that happen as well. But one thing I know for sure is that UF prefers in-state over out of state students. Also, people in top 10% are given priority if they are FL students because of a program where students in top 10% are given better chances in any state university.
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  • Danielle2400Danielle2400 220 replies8 threads Junior Member
    What some applicants do not realize is the following:

    Out of 29,000-30,000 applicants UF accepts about 11,700 for the 6400 Freshman slots. Of those accepted generally 400-450 go to athletic scholarship students,500-550 go to students nominated under the Talented Twenty Program. (This is a program that allows a public school principal to nominate 2-3 highest GPA students in that school to attend a 4 year Florida public university, although they are not guaranted UF. Thereafter, UF uses a geographical overlay requirement to insure that a certain number of students from each of Florida's 67 counties are admitted. Obviously the larger the county population the larger the number of admitted students. When you factor in the holistic process with the essay, EC's and other criteria you sometimes get high achieving students receiving decisions of rejection.
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  • arrozconlechearrozconleche 349 replies19 threads Member
    @Danielle. I am a current high school senior in FL. You are mistaken about the Talented Twenty program. It is for all students in the top 20% of their class. I know because I'm in it (I'm in the top 5%). It is for all FL schools, and all it does it guarantee admission to any FL university.

    Talented Twenty

    1. What are the requirements to qualify for the Talented Twenty program?
    In order to qualify for the Talented Twenty Program, the student must:
    Be enrolled in a Florida public high school and graduate with a standard diploma
    Be ranked in the top 20% of the class after the posting of seventh semester grades
    Submit test scores from the Scholastic Reasoning Test of the College Board or from the ACT of the American College Testing program prior to enrollment to a university in the State University System
    Complete all eighteen core course requirements for state university admission. (BOG Regulation 6.002(6)(c), FAC)

    2. What are the benefits of being eligible for the Talented Twenty program?
    Students are identified as a top 20% high school graduate.
    Students have a space reserved at one of the 11 state universities.
    Please note that, while eligible students are guaranteed admission at one of the state universities, it may not be to their first choice of schools.
    Students are given priority for the awarding of funds from the Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG), if they are eligible for this needs based grant.

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