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***POSTS CANNOT BE DELETED - Think Carefully before Posting Any Identifying Information***


Replies to: ***POSTS CANNOT BE DELETED - Think Carefully before Posting Any Identifying Information***

  • TranquilMindTranquilMind Registered User Posts: 1,102 Senior Member
    edited April 2014
    An hour to delete or edit is NOTHING. You may get interrupted, be working, or have an appointment, during which time you realized that you spilled a bit too much personal detail or something that may embarrass your kid, or simply be unwise to post because people you know might be here. Then you are screwed. I post on a business site in which other business owners like me sometimes share sample documents. Accidentally - and I don't know HOW I missed this - I posted a sample letter that left some personally identifying information on it, which I had actually sent to someone in real life. I simple emailed the moderator, who removed that personally identifying information. It would have been better if I could immediately remove it myself, but at least I could get it removed.

    I strongly prefer sites where I can delete or edit anytime, but will use sites where at least I CAN get something removed.

    I won't post anywhere where I'm stuck if a rare accident occurs, like the one I just mentioned. I may have been reading this board for years, romani, but I rarely post here.

    ETA: SO we only have 15 minutes now to edit? It was an hour before, but just now, when I attempted to edit another post, it said "15 minutes". I came back to this one and had only three minutes left. What's up with that? Editing time has been cut from an hour to 15 minutes??

  • PicapolePicapole Registered User Posts: 435 Member
    I read this forum for about a year before I made an account and I think there some great longtime posters here. I don't want this to come across as ungrateful.

    I understand these are the rules, but we are also talking about something that matters a lot to the kids and parents involved. I think the potential to be upset and say something stupid here is much higher than if you are trying to figure out how to prune a shrub on Gardenweb or review a new place for dinner on Chowhound.

    Many people have commented that record levels of applications were posted this cycle. In an ideal world we would also be tracking the blood pressure of all those students and their parents to see if those also were record levels. The board was founded to be supportive, and really what is being requested is a little more support.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 33,772 Senior Member
    I've been on the board for 7 years and not deleting a post after a few minutes has ALWAYS been the rule.

    Fwiw, you can't delete on any other board I'm on either.
  • ShrinkrapShrinkrap Registered User Posts: 11,788 Senior Member
    edited April 2014
    All I can say is that I have learned how to stay my hand over time (not thst you can tell from my number of posts!). I have learned to bite my tongue in real life too. Well, sometimes.
  • collegebound752collegebound752 Registered User Posts: 558 Member
    @kelowna, how did you get money from a school via this site?
  • AmericanHopeeAmericanHopee Registered User Posts: 381 Member
    I honestly get really upset about that. I've sent about 10 requests to delete something, I'm sorry, but I still think it's unacceptable that you cannot change posts afterwards.

    Beloved forum friends, can you please make posts editable forever? :)
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 37,117 Super Moderator
    @AmericanHopee, when you signed up on CC, you were told:

    <<Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below and more fully in our complete Terms of Service. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' checkbox and press the 'Register' button below. If you would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.>>

    Part of the Terms of Service reads:

    <<Can My Posts Be Deleted?

    Posts are editable for a brief period following posting to allow correction of spelling errors, formatting, etc. After that, members may not edit their own posts. This prevents one member from editing an earlier post in a thread, rendering comments by others irrelevant or seemingly inaccurate. Similarly, we cannot delete posts upon request. Doing so would destroy the integrity of our archive and consume a huge amount of manpower. Therefore, please do not post personal data or other information that could prove to be a problem later.>>

    As I posted earlier, I belong to another forum, for runners, in which people CAN edit or delete their posts for as long as they wish. So people get in some kind of argument, then they change or delete their post, making the person who responded "after" them to look foolish or incorrect. That is not fair to anyone else. So some of these rules are for the good of the community.
  • back2itback2it Registered User Posts: 93 Junior Member
    LAME rule. All that people are asking for is some time, because there should always be a "cool off" period in forums, where admins give members a few hours, or days to reconsider a post they made out of "passion" without thinking. Not allowing them to delete at all is ridiculous and serves no purpose.
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 37,117 Super Moderator
    ^You can always start your own forum and come up with your own rules!
  • absentionsabsentions Registered User Posts: 282 Junior Member
    Just a suggestion: maybe certain entire threads can be deleted (not comments)? Like Chance Me threads. Those tend to contain a lot of personal information that can be used to identify the poster. How do Chance Me threads help the rest of the community? The only people they benefit are the OP, and after the OP has gotten the chances he/she needs, then he/she should be able to delete the entire discussion containing their info.
  • thumper1thumper1 Registered User Posts: 73,136 Senior Member
    You can always type your post...and save it as a draft while you have your cooling off time!
  • MaterMiaMaterMia Registered User Posts: 1,160 Senior Member
    Well - posts are deleted. Someone posted tonight that they had cheated on the ACT test ... there were several responses. I checked the poster's other posts - and commented on a thread about UT and Tulane that I doubted either was a good academic fit due to his admitted cheating in another thread. (Now back to original thread - he admits it was a "joke".) Now both threads are gone - or at least I can't find them anywhere. So pretty sure posts are deleted.
  • romanigypsyeyesromanigypsyeyes Registered User Posts: 33,772 Senior Member
    I think people misunderstood ML. Posts are deleted for violating the TOS. However, users cannot delete them and the mods will not delete just because someone regrets what they posted.
  • MaterMiaMaterMia Registered User Posts: 1,160 Senior Member
    Does my comment above violate the TOS?
  • MaineLonghornMaineLonghorn Super Moderator Posts: 37,117 Super Moderator
    ^No, MaterMia, on this thread it's OK.
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