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How can I place into this higher programming course?

PaboibnidaPaboibnida 2 replies4 threads New Member
Hi all, so I am actually not a computer science major, but a computer engineering major in undergrad. I enjoy the software side of things more, but didn't want to be pigeon-holed if I ended up liking hardware better.

So, I really want to take this computer science software engineering class by my senior year, but the prerequisites include a second semester Java programming course.

I was wondering what options I have to place into this class and avoid taking the first Java course, as I am already current first-sem sophomore.

I don't believe that I can take the AP as a college student......

Could someone please help me determine my options?


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Replies to: How can I place into this higher programming course?

  • nanotechnologynanotechnology 2503 replies23 threads Senior Member
    Talk to an advisor in the CS department. If you have a strong background, explain the situation, and explain why you want to take the course, they might waive the pre-requisite for you. It happens a fair amount at my school, at least.
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  • MidwestSalmonMidwestSalmon 171 replies15 threads Junior Member
    Do you have the skills needed to succeed in the second semester class?

    I also would suggest you talk to an advisor about this but I think you will need a good argument for skipping the first semester class so be prepared to show why you don't need to take semester one -- for example, have you taken an online java class through coursera and can show a certificate? Have you taken other classes at the U where a certain level of programmng proficiency is required ?

    At our local state university the comp sci dept has clamped down a bit on the class progression. I think they had too many students going directly into higher lvl classes and then having to drop out. <---- Admittedly purely rumor based
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  • nanotechnologynanotechnology 2503 replies23 threads Senior Member
    Is it possible that you could take the classes concurrently? You might suggest that, as well.
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