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Double Majoring with Architecture?

N8isGr8N8isGr8 3 replies6 threads New Member
So I'm strongly considering pursuing an architecture degree in college, but I'd really like to double major in film or something else as well. However, every school that I've looked into (Northeastern, Syracuse, Cornell, Virginia Tech, Parsons, Pratt, Penn State, RISD) seems to have a fairly intensive program. Is it feasible to complete a double major within 5 years at any of these schools?
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Replies to: Double Majoring with Architecture?

  • DreamSchlDropoutDreamSchlDropout 701 replies30 threads Member
    Architecture is a difficult double major to achieve due to the structured nature of the program, but it's not impossible. Film could be a tough one because it will require substantial time outside class watching and making films. You will definitely want to contact the architecture & film departments at each of these schools to get their assessment of how feasible a double major would be.

    One thing worth considering: Both the film MFA and the M.Arch are degrees that can be earned without getting your bachelors in a related field. For the M.Arch, it typically adds a year to the degree program (3 instead of 2). For the MFA, you would typically need to submit creative work. So you could do them in either order, but the B(F)A Film & M.Arch would likely be an easier path than the inverse path.
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  • QuietTypeQuietType 715 replies17 threads Member
    edited October 2014
    D2 is currently double-majoring in architecture and anthropology at Penn State. She's in her fifth year and has managed to maintain a 3.6. (She mumbles something about studying buildings AND the people who use them...)

    In her case, it's possible because:
    a. She's also in the Schreyer Honors College and, as such, gets priority registration for classes. (A benefit worth its weight in gold at a big school like PSU!) and;
    b. there's actually a fair amount of overlap between Anthro and Arch. She's able to use her Anthro courses as part of her required electives and Gen Ed credits for the B. Arch program.
    c. She's parlayed her Arch skills into doing some design and artwork for the Anthro department for some extra brownie points and some additional hands-on project work (voluntary basis only, unfortunately >:P)

    I'm not sure how Film and Arch would work together though. Both of those majors do entail significant amounts of out-of-class time and could conflict. As DreamSchlDropout mentioned above, you should contact the individual departments at the schools you are interested in to find out more details.

    Good Luck!
    edited October 2014
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  • momrathmomrath 6027 replies39 threads Senior Member
    B.Arch programs are packed full of required courses and time eating studios, so there's not a lot of room for electives, let alone another major. You might consider a BA or BS degree in architecture or architectural studies. This would give you some flexibility to pursue film simultaneously. Whether you could double major would depend on the school.

    With a BA or BS in architecture/architectural studies the MArch is 1.0 to 2.0 years, but that too is variable.

    Northeastern offers both the BA in architectural studies and the BS in architecture (no BArch). I believe either of these degrees would allow you to take courses outside of the major, but I don't know anything about their film offerings. Virginia and WUSTL have very good BS Architecture programs, but, again, I'm not sure about film.

    As @DreamSchlDropout noted you can get accepted into an MArch program with an undergraduate degree in just about anything as long as you fulfil the program's requirements. Watch the money, though. MArch programs are expensive and funding is scarce.

    If you're not 100% sold on architecture you may not want to commit to a B.Arch anyway. You might want to look at some schools that have both strong art/art history departments and strong film departments and make your career decision after you've had more exposure to both. Wesleyan for example.
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  • CCMThreeTimesCCMThreeTimes 281 replies26 threads Member
    I agree that a double major will be tough to impossible as an architecture major if you want to graduate on time. My BArch major son, however, has loved minoring in Cinematic Arts at USC, which has the top film school in the world. While Cinematic Arts has an insanely low acceptance rate (less than 5%), *any* student can minor and take many of the same classes. My son has enjoyed classes taught by Leonard Maltin and other top pros.Additionally, Disney Imagineering pursues interns from both disciplines Now in his 4th year, my son is also on track to graduate on time. Good luck!
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