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Coaching daughter for scholarship interview - tips?


Replies to: Coaching daughter for scholarship interview - tips?

  • PosAttitudePosAttitude 67 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Not sure if these are tips, watchouts, or just advice based on my experience as an interviewer... but I hope this is helpful. IMO, there are interviewers who want to extract new, differentiating information and interviewers who want to gauge the "fit" more subjectively. The best try to do both. I agree that eye contact, a big smile, and a confident handshake make a great first impression. So does body language. Don't slump in your chair or look/act lethargic; sit on the edge of your seat, be attentive and alert, and let your body language communicate your enthusiastic interest. Then, listen. It is at least as important to get an accurate read on what each question is really asking as it is to jump in and answer. Don't be afraid to say, "That's a great question" and take a minute to compose your thoughts. Even ask for clarification (e.g. "Are you wanting to hear more about my internship responsibilities or what I learned from the experience?"). At the end of the interview, ask "Have I answered all your questions completely?" and wait for confirmation. Then, finish as strong as you started -- with a big smile, firm handshake, and sincere "thank you for this opportunity." If it feels right, consider adding, "I'm even more excited about my future here than I was before this interview." If you mean it and they can tell, it could well clinch the offer.

    Good luck!
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  • pumpkin65pumpkin65 333 replies28 threads Member
    Thanks for all the great info everyone. I knew this was the place to go...haven't been here in long time and have missed it.
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  • JustOneDadJustOneDad 5726 replies119 threads Senior Member
    Barfly wrote:
    Hey, @JustOneDad, sorry. Thought we were on the same page - didn't mean to tick you off.
    I wasn't too worried about it. I was just explaining my rationale, but thank you for taking the time to check on it!
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  • DiffMomDiffMom 157 replies4 threads Junior Member
    What is your favorite book? Why?
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