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I did better in my AP Classes than I did in my honors classes

2016senior2016senior 450 replies44 threads Member
I gota 96 in APUSH, 91 in AP Language and Comp, 94 in AP Physics 1 compared to a 86 in honors pre-calc and pre-ap spanish. What would colleges look at this as? (First math course i finished with below a 90 and Spanish is about the same i get every year) Will this be a knock they can use against me or will this help me as it shows I put more effort into the harder courses?
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Replies to: I did better in my AP Classes than I did in my honors classes

  • 2016senior2016senior 450 replies44 threads Member
    The bad grade in math is due to junioritis as I slacked off for the last month and bombed a quest and did **** on the final
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  • novafan1225novafan1225 683 replies19 threads Member
    I would interpret that just as you not being very good at math and Spanish, due to the lower level of the class and the worse grades. So long as you're not a math major, it shouldn't be a big deal.

    Also, junioritis isn't a thing, so the bad grades are due to laziness. If you want to be competitive, you can't be a slacker and just expect colleges not to care.
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  • cpu23scpu23s 8 replies1 threads New Member
    Same thing with me. I function better in AP classes where it's more independent no group/partner work like honors courses. Though I am kind of introverted...

    I don't know about your AP classes but my AP classes rarely gave homework(one packet a week that's all) like a true college class. Maybe it will show colleges you're more ready for college courses?
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  • rdeng2614rdeng2614 1736 replies82 threads Senior Member
    Some honors classes will be harder than AP classes.
    If I were an admissions officer, I would look to see if the classes are actually hard by asking the school's GC and compare the percentage of A's of Honors Pre-Calc with the percentage of A's in APUSH for example.
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  • biobabe101biobabe101 65 replies16 threads Junior Member
    Same, i have never gotten anything below a 90 in an AP class. I also got B's in my precal class. I think it should be fine as long as you excel in other subjects which are closely related to your area of interest.
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  • happy1happy1 23990 replies2407 threads Super Moderator
    edited June 2015
    Agreed, I'd just figure that math and Spanish aren't your best subjects.
    edited June 2015
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