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Easy courses for R&C requirement?

So....currently I'm taking English R1A and to be honest, I'm struggling. I found out way later that English is one of the hard R&C courses......unfortunately. First off, is it possible to switch from English R1A to another course for part B like Rhetoric R1B?
If so, which are some easy part B R&C courses? Please help my life :(

African American Studies R1A
African American Studies R1B
Anthropology R5B
Asian American Studies Program R2A
Asian American Studies Program R2B
Celtic Studies R1A
Celtic Studies R1B
Chicano Studies R1AN
Classics R044
College Writing Program N1A
College Writing Program R1A
College Writing Program R4A
College Writing Program R4B
Comparative Literature H1A
Comparative Literature H1B
Comparative Literature N1A
Comparative Literature N1B
Comparative Literature R1A
Comparative Literature R1B
Comparative Literature R2A
Comparative Literature R2B
Comparative Literature R3A
Comparative Literature R3B
English N1A
English N1B
English R1A
English R1B
English R050
Environmental Design R3B
Film R1A
Film R1B
French R1A
French R1B
Gender and Women's Studies N1B
Gender and Women's Studies R1B
German R5A
German R5B
History R1B
History of Art R1B
Italian R5A
Italian R5B
Legal Studies R1A
Legal Studies R1B
Linguistics R1B
Linguistics R006
Native American Studies R1A
Native American Studies R1B
Near Eastern Studies R1A
Near Eastern Studies R1B
Near Eastern Studies R2A
Near Eastern Studies R2B
Music R1B
Philosophy R1B
Rhetoric R1A
Rhetoric R1B
Scandinavian R5A
Scandinavian R5B
Slavic Languages and Literatures R5A
Slavic Languages and Literatures R5B
Slavic Languages and Literatures R037W
South and Southeast Asian Studies R5A
South and Southeast Asian Studies R5B
South Asian R5A
South Asian R5B
Spanish R1A
Spanish R1B
Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies R1A
Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies R1B
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Replies to: Easy courses for R&C requirement?

  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 83431 replies741 threads Senior Member
    If the departments post the instructors' blurbs and reading lists, choose the course whose reading list looks the most interesting to you. A course will be easier and you will do better if the subject matter interests you.

    If instructors' blurbs and reading lists for specific sections are not available, consider which general humanities or social studies topics out of the above are of the most interest to you to read and write about.
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  • StarsAndBoxesStarsAndBoxes 44 replies26 threads Junior Member
    No, you are going about this completely wrong! If I told you Spanish was the easiest R1B requirement but you didn't like Spanish, you'd hate it and find it hard and horrible. Take which ever topic interests you the most. They are all the same workload, what makes it easy is your personal motivation to do well because you're passionate.
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