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SAT Scores still "pending"!

SubmarinaSubmarina 26 replies19 threads Junior Member
I sent my scores on the 11th of December. My counsellor told me they would take two weeks to send, but they are still "pending". Should I be worried? The deadline for most of the colleges I'm applying to is the 1st of January.

I am self reporting through the common application as well, but my school does not include SAT scores on our transcripts. Should I email admissions if the scores don't get sent?
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Replies to: SAT Scores still "pending"!

  • DramaIceDramaIce 45 replies11 threads Junior Member
    I'm wondering that too! Ugh it's getting me so worried! Is it possible that the Collegeboard isn't hitting the "send" button because they're on Winter Break?
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  • am1219am1219 33 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I have the same problem, but for me is worst since I sent them the 23:(. My friend sent them on 21th and they already arrived. :'(
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  • NovaCatNovaCat 41 replies5 threads Junior Member
    You should all be fine, some colleges even accept the scores from the January 23rd SAT. I think CollegeBoard is on break until early January. The admissions offices should hold off on reviewing uncompleted applications until the scores come in; just make sure you have everything required on your part.
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  • T26E4T26E4 23243 replies1031 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2015
    Your portion is due on Jan 1st. Many other docs (scores included) trickle in afterward -- and it's totally normal. The scores are the easiest items too -- they're a simple data dump and the data is linked to your application automatically or at worst with a few keyboard/mouse clicks on their part.

    This site has been around for about ten years. I don't know of a single instance where someone reported that they got an "incomplete " app because scores, transcripts, recommendations, school reports were sent into the colleges in mid January. But I guarantee you that every late December and late October (for EA and ED apps), there will be thousands of posts and threads like this.

    Colleges spend millions of dollars collectively, trying to get you to submit. They aren't going to install a pit right at the finish line. At midnight January 1st when many of your peers are losing it, the admissions people are going to be sleeping calmly in their beds. There's not some massive party at the office with people devilishly ready to hit the auto reject or delete button once the midnight hour passes.

    And do you know what happens when something IS missing? They CALL you. Logical, no? Do you know why? They WANT to admit you (and your 4-5 years of tuition and fees, of course). As much as you want to be admitted to dream college X, the colleges want you to find a way to enroll you as well. Don't forget that.

    Please breathe, it'll be all right. Good luck to everyone.

    edited December 2015
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