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Share and Tell - New Year's Eve Plans


Replies to: Share and Tell - New Year's Eve Plans

  • gosmomgosmom 2043 replies58 threads Senior Member
    Cheering for the Clemson Tigers this afternoon, dinner with about 20 and party afterwards. H & I will probably be home by 12:15, so we can get up and cheer for the Irish tomorrow!
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  • winnvanmeterwinnvanmeter 80 replies7 threads Junior Member
    DDs will be with their dad and stepmom, so partner and I are milking the last of a kid-free week. Going to Riverside for the Festival of Lights for ice-skating. We decided to stretch out the weekend by staying 2 nights at an Airbnb rather than one night at the Mission Inn. Grilling steaks, and deciding between CNN for Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, or Pitbull's NYE on Fox. Hiking in Idyllwild the next day, and hitting the Ikea in Covina on our way back home on Saturday. (Tip: pick up Ikea's vegetarian meatballs and simmer them in Trader Joe's Masala sauce. Quick "Indian" meal that pairs perfectly with basmati rice or flatbreads.)

    D1 and I are enjoying NYE b/c of ED. Would have been a different story entirely had she not gotten in.
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  • stradmomstradmom 5235 replies51 threads Senior Member
    It's the annual baked brie, champagne and movies for us. I'll be in my pajamas before midnight but will hang in there. DH will probably have an early night, going to bed after watching the ball drop instead of playing his computer game until 3 AM as he's been doing all week. :)
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  • SalveMaterSalveMater 407 replies18 threads Member
    ^^Festival of lights = gorgeous
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  • 3scoutsmom3scoutsmom 5668 replies338 threads Senior Member
    We'll stay home and enjoy the neighbors fireworks thankfully it's been wet lately and I won't have to run the sprinklers for fear of the lawn catching on fire again. DD will be off babysitting, the boys, DH and I will be making various kinds of fondue throughout the evening (one cheddar, one Swiss, bananas foster, dark chocolate with kirschwasser). Baked brie with cranberries, shrimp cocktail, and of course corn bread and blacked peas. We don't really have a New Year's eve meal we just graze through the night:-)
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  • VeryHappyVeryHappy 19002 replies336 threads Senior Member
    Ooooooo -- bananas foster is one of my favorites!!
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  • JHSJHS 18503 replies72 threads Senior Member
    We have been going to the same New Year's Eve party for about the past decade, but it's not happening this year because the hosts bought a vacation home a month ago and are spending the holiday there. So we're going to a movie -- not sure which one yet, probably Brooklyn -- and then we have tickets to see a pretty good local indie band do what's becoming their traditional New Year's Eve show.

    We haven't done anything like that since NYE 1979-1980, when at the last minute, and having no plans, we tried to buy tickets to see the Grateful Dead at Winterland. The guy ahead of us in line got tickets, but that was it; it was sold out. So instead we saw Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Oakland Coliseum with Chuck Berry (!) and Eddie Money opening.

    At 22 and 23, we were among the oldest people in that crowd -- the parking lot was practically empty, because hardly anyone in the audience was old enough to drive at night, or if they were their parents weren't letting them because it was NYE.
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  • 3scoutsmom3scoutsmom 5668 replies338 threads Senior Member
    @VeryHappy Bananas Foster is a new fondue for us this year. We're using the recipe from the Melting Pot cook book. I had to hit two different liquor stores to find Banana liquor and got the last bottle at the second store. It also calls for spiced rum another libation not normally found in our house so it gave DH an excuse to buy a funky bottle, Captain Morgan's Cannon Ball Blast, the bottle is round like a cannon ball!
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  • PizzagirlPizzagirl 40174 replies320 threads Senior Member
    We have a tradition of going to the same NYE party; it's actually a sleepover, started 20+ years ago when 2 out of the 6 couples were expecting and we didn't want to be out on the road after midnight so we all just crashed and hence a tradition was born. As the kids happened / grew up they were added into the mix til such time as they did their own NYE plans.

    However, this year H is doc in the box - in-house call at the hospital. So we are just going to cuddle in the call room, watch a movie and fall asleep and hope he doesn't get called out.
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  • 1214mom1214mom 5392 replies197 threads Senior Member
    I am in Gettysburg with my husband's family. We have two houses on a working farm. Each family brought 2 appetizers and we will supplement with pizza for kids (13 - 23) if they want it. I am not into football but we have several who are, and multiple TVs. And lots of wine.
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  • sseamomsseamom 4880 replies25 threads Senior Member
    H and I decided years ago to just make ourselves a nice dinner and stay home. Now that H has both a smoker and a good grill, we''re set as far as food goes. He is smoking a prime rib from one of the best butchers in town, and grilling vegetables to go with it, and those who are not low-carb will also have loaded baked potatoes. I'm trying to replicate a blue cheese sauce from our favorite steakhouse, while H is making a horseradish sauce for himself. He will have his favorite microbrew and I have a little split of champagne.

    Sseakid is going with friends to see one of them dance at church-I'm not happy about them being on the road on New Year's Eve though. We will stay up until she's home, which should be about 1 a.m., which is WAY past our bedtime. At least we can all sleep in tomorrow.
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  • toledotoledo 4880 replies291 threads Senior Member
    Make sure you're not mixing the antibiotics Flagyl (metronidazole), Tindamax (tinidazole) and Bactrim (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) with alcohol. Violent vomitting can occur.

    We're having another couple over for appetizers and drinks and then heading out to a 7:15 dinner reservation. We never make it until midnight.
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  • abasketabasket 21562 replies921 threads Senior Member
    Pizzagirl, I LOVE your evening !!!

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  • lookingforwardlookingforward 35414 replies399 threads Senior Member
    Dinner out with D1 and the bf, then home to binge watch! This is the first time I can remember that it won't be ridiculously cold outside. There may be fireworks at midnight (usually do, sometimes don't, and I don't feel like checking.) I can sort of see them from the back window, though the house behind us blocks most of it. Still, I stand there for a minute or two, to see what I can.
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  • woodlandsmomwoodlandsmom 409 replies10 threads Member
    I've made meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, fried cheese and a veggie tray. I'm sure we will watch football all night. (4 boys and 2 men and me) I may sneak upstairs with a glass of Chardonnay and my new thriller. All of you sound much more exciting than me. ☺️
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  • emilybeeemilybee 14770 replies41 threads Senior Member
    My moms in the hospital so I'm here in Florida with her so H and I are going to have a FaceTime date. I told him no later than 9pm because I'll be asleep after that. It's exhausting sitting in a hospital all day.
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  • SouthFloridaMom9SouthFloridaMom9 3416 replies30 threads Senior Member
    No plans at all . . . supposed to have friends over but younger son is sick with a nasty cold. :(
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  • BunsenBurnerBunsenBurner 41472 replies480 threads Senior Member
    "Make sure you're not mixing the antibiotics Flagyl (metronidazole), Tindamax (tinidazole) and Bactrim (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) with alcohol. Violent vomitting can occur."

    Toledo, thanks, good warning for everyone - drug metabolism is one of my specialties. ;) There will be a ton of dancing and maybe two sips of bubbly at midnight. The meds I am taking are OK, but I am taking no chances. :)
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  • oldfortoldfort 23509 replies308 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2015
    D1 rented a house out in Hamptons with her friends. D2 is going to a NYE party. We were going to cook a dinner at home before she went out, but I decided we should get dressed to go out for a nice NYE dinner in NYC. We are pre-gaming right now with my favorite champagne - the Veuve. I will be in my PJs by 9 tonight to watch the the ball drop.

    Happy New Year!
    edited December 2015
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